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Ruthless Billionaire Unknown Twins

Chapter 11
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Chapter 11 Who’s Gold?

"Yes, boss, you are pregnant and the doctors said that you shouldn't stress yourself" Tasha said.

"Yes boss, the baby is going to be our young master" Rubby said.

"So it's true that I am pregnant," she said in between her whispers.

"Yeah, boss, it's true, we didn't know that you were married. Your husband will be happy if you tell him

about the pregnancy ", Tasha said.

"Mmmmh, I don't know who the father is, I was drugged, had a one-night stand and boom! I am

pregnant, I haven't realized my dreams for coming to the capital and here I have a baby" Jessy said.

"But worry less , I will help in the project our golden empire has never failed before and I say NO! to

failure " she said.

"But, boss, they said that you mustn't tire yourself, and must take enough rest, and this empire is ours


You can work from home and send us instructions we will follow " Rubby said.

"Hahaa, Rubby is here. Now we have to work together, remember we have projects and designs to


And I also know how tirelessly you have been working to maintain our position as the top designing

industry with best and most mysterious designers and a beautiful model,

Though you guys didn't know who I was, you all trusted me and didn't betray me. Therefore, as an

appreciation, I will give you pinnacle garments. It's my company too. If you two have inspiration, you

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can share it, at the pinnacle, from today to henceforth " Jessy said.

"Boss, what did you just say?" Tasha asked.

"You said that pinnacle is our company's branch?" Rubby asked.

"Yes, it was my gift for you two and Rubby the models at pinnacle are all yours. You have experience of

modeling. Therefore, you can start your modeling school " Jessy said.

"Wahh..! Thank you boss, together we shall build an industry that will forever be remembered in the

whole imperial capital and nations abroad" Tasha said.

Even though Tasha Young came from a rich family in the imperial capital, she had always worked hard

for things that she owned.

From high school to university, she has always been independent and has never looked down on


She is just like any other person out there. She was afraid that maybe, if anyone knew her identity they

were going to use her.

But when she met this mysterious designer called Gold on the internet, she was surprised that this

person liked her and even offered her a job opportunity.

She requested to meet her but this person said.

"Now is not the time. Let's work together and build a name that will never be destroyed", she said.

"Are you sure you can trust me? I mean we don't know each other", Tasha said.

"Hahaa, I know you, Tasha Young, the only daughter of the Young family, lived by her three brothers,

always independent, aged 23 years old."

"Hahaaa, you truly know me and who are you?" She asked.

"Don't worry, I am afraid if I tell you who I am you won't work for me and to make sure I am safe I will

just tell you that I am your sister from now onwards", Jessy replied.

Back then she wanted to know if her talent was really cool, but in a period of only one year her designs

had sold to more than one billion.

This was because Tasha knew one to two to three people from rich families and Jessy was the perfect

master of design and was very unique.

So, when the influential figures saw this unique design and website, they purchased the dresses.

To their surprise , the materials used were unique, original and rare. These fabrics and only this person

known as gold could produce those fabrics which they found magical.

"Work..! Work..! Work ..!" Rubby said.

She, too, was not simple nor ordinary. In fact, compared to both Jessy and Tasha, Rubby is more


But it has always been positive.

They got themselves busy, until late at night.

They built a penthouse on top of the building, so they spent the night there.

Time passed by so quickly and the day was here that Eller had been dreaming of.

Even though she had no time for herself, she often called Jessy to check on her, as she regarded her

as a sister-in-law.

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This was the day that she was going to launch her designs and models. She had been a jewellery

designer since she was young.

Even though she was so much into technology, that didn't stop her from realizing her dreams.

With the power of her family, she realized her dreams.

"What do you think my master will appear here?" She asked one of her models.

"According to what our third boss said, Master Ghost and Gold are one and the same and so this

person has to go" the lady said.

She only revealed this secret because this daughter of the most powerful family was never arrogant nor

cold towards them.

She treated them as humans and she didn't carry air around like other socialites.

"I just hope so, even though I come from a rich family all thanks to him, I realized how important and

unique my jewelry designs were" she said.

"Don't worry boss, we believe that this time around they will come " the model said.

She too wanted to know who their real boss was.

"Miss Gray, you have a dress delivery. It's from Gold empire, the designer said. I have a beautiful dress

for a beautiful heart , but it must be paired with a beautiful gold necklace and a ring.

The shoes are also the latest models from the Gold empire. Also, she said there is no need to return

the dress, it's yours", the guard said.

"Wow, this gold must be in love with my daughter", her mother, Mrs Gray said.

"Your elder brother will be here soon" she added.

"Didn't he travel abroad or something?" She asked.

"Your brother is coming back. His mission is completed and he said he can't miss thi