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Ruthless Billionaire Unknown Twins

Ruthless Billionaire Unknown Twins
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Ruthless Billionaire Unknown Twins

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    Read Ruthless Billionaire Unknown Twins by Aphline_Amondi 1. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free here Ruthless Billionaire Unknown Twins by Aphline_Amondi 1 full chapter. Genre: Billionaire The story revolves around Phelicity Adams, a girl who was raised by a family but later mistreated and unfairly treated. Her stepmother and older sister, Beatrice and Michelle, declare that she no longer has a place in their house and force her to leave. They accuse Phelicity of taking everything from them. Beatrice and Michelle continue to berate Phelicity and question why she always had privileges while they had nothing. Confused and hurt, Phelicity tries to understand what they are talking about. She has always been polite and wonders what she has done wrong. However, Beatrice and Michelle reveal that Phelicity is not their biological family and present DNA test results to prove it. They demand that Phelicity leave the house and take care of herself. Shocked by this revelation, Phelicity decides to leave. She realizes that the man she considered her father is not her biological father. She chooses not to search for her real father and focuses on the things she has always longed for. Phelicity stays in an internet café and continues her studies online. An elderly woman named Lucy helps her by providing a quiet corner for her to study. Meanwhile, Beatrice and Michelle try to take some belongings that belong to Phelicity, but she refuses and requests that they sign an agreement to cut all ties in the future. Three lawyers arrive to witness the signing of the agreement. However, they question Phelicity about her university studies, as they were under the impression that she was attending the same university as her sister. Phelicity reveals that she dropped out of school nine years ago and was forced to do so by her family. The lawyers are surprised and apologize for the misunderstanding. After the agreement is finalized, Phelicity feels a sense of freedom and leaves the Adams' residence. She reflects on the years she lived there, where she was treated as a servant and the love shown to her was fake. She heads to the internet café where she has been staying and prepares to leave for Imperial City the next morning. Meanwhile, Mr. Adams, Phelicity's supposed father, inquires about her whereabouts. Michelle and Beatrice inform him that they have expelled her from the house as he had wished, hoping she won't cause them any problems in the future.... Read  Ruthless Billionaire Unknown Twins by Aphline_Amondi 1 at

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