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Veild Bride : Love From An Enigmatic Husband

Chapter 8
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Chapter 8

“You’re Violet?” Senior Yancey looked at her.

She nodded. “Yes.”

“Was everything you said at the wedding true?” He was not interrogating her. He merely wished to

confirm the facts.

She obediently stood before him as he looked at her. Her dark eyes sparkled while she nodded. “Yes,

they’re true.”

He sighed while shaking his head. “I never imagined Theo Henry Yeager to be so despicable.”

“Exactly! Despicable!” She followed suit and retorted.

Senior Yancey lifted his eyes to look at her before asking, in a serious tone, “Violet, if given another

opportunity, one where Theo Yeager isn’t forcing you to do anything, and because I’m fond of you,

would you be willing to marry our Jack?”


Did she hear him wrongly?

Was Jack Yancey not desirable enough to find his own wife?

Did he suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Did he suffer from some sort of me ntal illness?

“What are you thinking?” The old man stared at her, as though he could see through her.

Violet quickly got back to her senses. “I’m not willing,” she practically blurted it out.

Senior Yancey frowned slightly. He looked slightly surprised.

Violet did not regret her answer.

After a while, he inquired, “Why? May I ask for the reason?”

Violet smiled and replied in a straightforward manner. “There’s no attraction between him and me, we

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don’t even know each other. Why should I marry him?”

Seeing that he kept quiet, she asked, “Is it because he’s rich? I’m not poor!”

“You’re not poor?” He sized her outfit up. “Are you very rich?”

“Well, I’m not very rich compared to the Yanceys”,” Violet’s eyes shone. “However I’m better off than

most people.”

It did not matter if she was speaking the truth at this point. He was certain that this was the young lady

he had been looking for.

At the very least, she was not materialistic. Moreover, she followed her heart in all things.

Senior Yancey gave her another look before turning his gaze away.

Could grandpa be angry? Violet thought.

She had come to appease him and ask for his forgiveness.

“You’ve definitely crossed some lines in this matter.” He looked out the window. Holding an exquisite

dragon head cane with both hands, he stood up.

In a slightly stern tone, he said, “The Yanceys’ have been humiliated and Jack has become the

laughing stock of the city. The news media is still reporting on it.”

Violet felt rather apologetic that she had caused him to get so angry that he had suffered a stroke.

“I had no choice, grandpa,” Violet spoke in a dejected manner. She felt wronged. “If Jack won’t let me

go, and you won’t let me go, then?”

“I don’t want your life.” Senior Yancey seemed to have his own plans. “Faye has to go home for a few

days to attend to some matters. How about you stay and take care of me personally for a while?”

“Who is Faye?” Violet was bemused.

Senior Yancey looked behind him. The young helper spoke in a gentle voice. “I’m Faye.”

Violet thought about it for a moment. “Alright, I agree.” As long as grandpa was pleased with her, Jack

could not be too upset with her, could he?

After all, she really did not mean to cause harm.



Chapter 8

Senior Yancey felt gleeful in his heart. However, he looked calm on the outside. As long as she was

willing to stay, she would be the new mistress of the Yancey household.

Two hours later.

In the president’s office of the Yancey Group.

The landline telephone rang. Jack stopped the work he had been doing and reached out to pick up the

phone. “Hello.”

“Mr. Yancy, your grandfather is asking Faye to go home for a while.” The man on the other end


“Then who’s going to take care of him? After all these years, he’s only used to Faye being by his side.”


“…” Jack frowned slightly.

The other man said, “This is what your grandfather wants. Violet has agreed.”

Jack came back to his senses and said, in a deep voice, “I know.”

After the conversation ended, he fell into deep thought. What was his grandfather trying to do by

getting her to take care of him?

A week later.

It was evening and night was about to fall.

News regarding the wedding had slowly been suppressed.

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It was Jack Yancey, after all, no one who wished to still live in Rheinsville dared to discuss it wantonly.

The beautiful sunset dyed half the skies red and quietly cast its reflection upon the ocean, creating a

mesmerizing sparkle.

On top of a man-made island was a magnificent garden villa. It was surrounded by the sea; the entire

island formed its front and backyard.

The villa looked silent and solemn under the gorgeous sunset. There was only a private road that led

out from it, into the outside world.

This was the well-guarded and forbidding old Yancey Manor, with almost a century of history within it.

It was a mysterious and alluring place. However, most people would never have the opportunity to go


There were never any close-up photos of this island manor with the rich history on the websites that

discussed it. They only ever had photos taken from a distance, across the sea.

In fact, there were many legends about this place as though it housed a myriad of secrets.

Senior Yancey sat in the courtyard with his dragon head cane, wearing clean and tidy clothes. He

looked rather spirited.

A line of bodyguards stood nearby, ready for instructions.

Senior Yancey gazed upon the long road on the sea. An indistinct car was coming towards them…

“Grandpa, the wind is rising outside. Shall we move in?” Violet came out from the living hall. She bent

down and carefully slipped her hand around his arm.

Senior Yancey kept watching at the car as it drew nearer to the island. There was a faint trace of a

smile on his face. “Look, Jack’s home.”

Violet looked at where he was gazing at. She was not happy at all.

Very soon, the car reached the island. It was now heading towards the manor.