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Uncovering My Wife's Secrets

Uncovering My Wife's Secrets
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Uncovering My Wife's Secrets

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    Read Uncovering My Wife's Secrets by Helen Croft. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereUncovering My Wife's Secrets by Helen Croft full chapter on . Genre: Romance The story is about Annalise Barton, who discovers her boyfriend Benjamin Quigley's infidelity with her cousin Abigail. Benjamin and Abigail have been using Annalise to get the shares her mother left her. Annalise catches them in the act and takes photos as evidence, dumping Benjamin and warning him to tell the truth to the media. Abigail, on the other hand, is relieved that her plan to marry into the Quigley family is still in motion. She had hoped to avoid her arranged marriage with an unattractive man by marrying into the Quigley family. Benjamin, who is now in love with Annalise, tries to win her back, but she refuses, determined to move on from the deception. Annalise is trying to find a way to get back the inheritance that her uncle, Kent Barton, seized from her after her mother passed away. When Julian, a man who works for the Parks family, suggests they get married and help each other out for three months, Annalise rejects his offer. However, Julian traps her against the elevator wall and, after she attacks him, convinces her to marry him. They quickly register their marriage at City Hall, and Annalise discovers Julian is related to the Parks family. However, she is pleased with the thought of showing Kent their marriage certificate and taking control of her fate. The marriage is only supposed to last three months. Please follow and read Uncovering My Wife's Secrets by Helen Croft full chapter on