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The Fake Son Is A Billionaire Young Master

Chapter 73
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The country bumpkin again? "Is he here?" Jamie questioned, exasperatedly shaking her head.

"No," Sharon, Jamie's assistant, answered. She kept her gaze focused on the makeup artist. "I met a fool outside who told me he was looking for you," He is one of those crazy fans, I know that." jamie looked up from her cell phone.

"Did you send him away?" "Before I could say anything, Director Anderson arrived to take him," Sharon answered.

Jamie questioned, "He knows the Director?" "By the look of it. I guess he's just a wannabe..."

"Tell the director that I have decided to take a solo shoot since the male model isn't coming" Jamie cut in, bringing her attention back to her phone.

Sharon left the dressing room and returned after a short while. Her demeanor suggested that she was not feeling well.

"What's wrong?" Jamie inquired.

"They've changed the male model. And it is the same guy who was looking for you. I am not sure why Mr. Anderson took this action! That boy is most likely an insane fan. "His attractiveness may have contributed to his acceptance of the offer," a frustrated-sounding Sharon blurted out in her hurried speech.

"Whatever," Jamie said breathlessly. a1 just want to be over with the shoot and

get out of here." "He's a nobody, Jamie!" Sharon was adamant, wanting Jamie to see how angry she was. Jamie, though, was not feeling it.

After so many years, she's doing something about the entertainment industry. Prior to kissing Jeff, she was ecstatic, but that feeling faded and was replaced with something she could not explain.

The fact that Jeff was the subject of additional remarks on the school forum made it even more annoying.

The sight was unbearably irritating.

"Jamie, why don't you check this wannabe out?" Sharon said, jolting Jamie out of her thoughts. "You should at least know the person you are

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shooting with." "The first male model was Elias Malfoy, right?" Jamie suddenly asked.

"I can't believe he's late!" Since Emily Swinton's birthday party, Jamie has only recently begun to see Elias for who he really is. He had been her senior back in high school and have heard so many rumors about him but Jamie really didn't care back then.

She thought everyone was just being mean.

It was that way for her too when she suddenly quit acting. No one knew her reasons but they were talking behind her back.

"Elias Malfoy is really hot! He's better than this wannabe model" Sharon uttered distressingly.

"What's the name of the male model?" "I have never heard of his name before.

"He is just an insignificant person," Sharon answered.

"Sharon, do not be so mean." Jamie vented her frustration because she could no longer put up with Sharon's rudeness. "What's his name?" "Jeff or something? I don't know" Sharon pouted her lips. She was surprised to hear Jamie reprimand her.

"Did you just say, Jeff?" Jamie's eyes took on a hunted look as she leaped out of her chair.

She dashed out before Sharon could say a word.

Before Jamie could enter the dressing

room next to hers, she couldn't resist the temptation to sneak a peek through the slightly ajar door.

As she watched the makeup artist painstakingly applying finishing touches to Jeff's already perfect face, her curiosity got the better of her. She watched the conversation, fascinated and envious at the same time.

"Jeff, I have to say, I've never seen a face so smooth," the makeup artist gushed, her tone filled with awe.

"What's your secret? Do you follow a particular skincare regimen?" Jeff replied casually which only made Jamie's heart flutter more. "Just a basic water face wash, nothing fancy." The makeup artist's astonishment was evident, her wide eyes fixed on Jeff's effortlessly glowing complexion. "But,

your skin is impeccable! You should definitely share your secret with the world. It's a crime not to!" A touch of bashfulness tinged Jeff's expression as he scratched the back of his head. "Thanks, but really, I've just been blessed with good genes, I guess.

My parents have great skin too." As the conversation continued, Jamie found herself inexplicably drawn more to Jeff.

Her cheeks flushed, warmth radiating through her entire being. It was a bittersweet mixture of admiration for Jeff's natural beauty and a hint of self- consciousness.

Unable to contain herself any longer, jamie discreetly entered the dressing room, her presence causing both Jeff and the makeup artist to momentarily

shift their attention her way.

She cleared her throat, her eyes twinkling with a mixture of embarrassment and amusement.

"Am I interrupting something?" Jamie quirked an eyebrow playfully, a playful smile dancing on her lips.

Jeff quickly stood up from his seat, looking nervous all of a sudden. "Hey, Jamie. Why aren't you picking up my calls?" The makeup artist sensing the tension between the two grinned at herself.

"You can change into the dress over there. Please be snappy." She left quickly after that.

"Hey. You look different" Jamie uttered, her eyes on Jeff's hair.

Jeff's hair was styled differently. He

wasn't looking casual like he always did and he really looked like a make Idol.

"Hmm, I guess" Jeff answered.

"Why..." "The kiss? I just wanted to keep Tonia away" Jamie answered casually. "And I didn't pick up your calls because it was on silent." "Oh," Jeff smiled awkwardly. "Alright.

Let me change my clothes." Elias arrived at the shooting site in his sleek black sports car, the engine roaring as he pulled up to the entrance.

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He stepped out of the vehicle with a sense of self-assured arrogance, his perfectly styled hair catching the light

as he strutted towards the set. All eyes turned to him.

He asked his Manager to leave first after their last conversation, just to show off his grand arrival.

His manager, Carl, greeted him with an apologetic look on his face. "Elias, I have some news," he said, leading him away from the curious gaze of the crew members. They walked towards a small group huddled together, speaking in hushed tones.

"What is it, Carl?" Elias asked, his voice dripping with impatience.

Carl sighed, glancing back at the crew members before turning his attention back to Elias. "It seems like there's been a bit of a change in plans. They've replaced you with another male model for the shoot."

"What?!" Elias exclaimed, his face turning a shade redder. Anger coursed through him, a torrent of emotions threatening to burst from within. He clenched his fists, forcefully controlling his temper.

Without another word, Elias stormed off, the crushing weight of frustration propelling him forward.

He couldn't believe that they would dare replace him so easily. As he stormed ahead, a voice caught his attention, coming from the nearby makeup area.

Intrigued, Elias halted and listened in.

The makeup artist was gossiping with a fellow crew member, her voice carrying through the space. "Did you hear about Jamie and the new male model?" Sarah whispered

conspiratorially. "I swear, there's something going on between them. 1 can practically smell love in the air." Elias furrowed his brow, a mixture of annoyance and curiosity gnawing at him. He picked up his pace, moving towards the dressing room where Jeff, the new male model, was assigned.

Pushing open the door with a deft motion, Elias's eyes widened in surprise as he saw Jeff and Jamie standing together.

Jamie was carefully fixing Jeff's clothes, their heads close together in an intimate moment. The sight sent a surge of jealousy and disbelief through Elias.

"What is the meaning of this?" Elias snapped, his voice dripping with

venom. He stalked towards them, his eyes burning with anger.

He didn't realize the male model was Jeff until she saw him closely. His eyes burned immediately.

What was the country bumpkin doing with Jamie here?