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The Fake Son Is A Billionaire Young Master

Chapter 33 Trouble
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Trouble ~The next day~ Rachael had a business plan with an associate and went out early. After a lengthy meeting, she was breathing a sigh of relief when her phone rang.

"We are from Z Police Station. We have your son in custody..." Son in custody? Without a second thought, Rachael gave her driver the order to go to the Z police station. Edward was in the police station? The words echoed in her ears, making her feel disoriented.

She dialed Edward's number. The call did not, however, go through. This morning, Edward went out with his friends early on the condition that he

would get home before his tutor arrived. | Upon getting to the police station, she dashed inside, her mind in disarray.

"Where's my son? Arresting my son— what on earth do you people think you are doing? Are you aware of who he is? Do you know?!" She barked. "Where's your chief?" A roughly thirty-year-old man made his way over to Rachael. "Mrs.

Hemsworth. We sincerely apologize for contacting you. The caller, who is new to our place, thought the individual in our care was your son. Don't be concerned." "I nearly had a heart attack from you!" ""We are really sorry, ma. The boy was raised by your family, but we recently

learned that he no longer lived with the Hemsworths." Rachel's gaze expanded. Is Jeff Hemsworth his name? Yes, but you can leave right now, so do not worry. We will deal with it." Rachael left the police station expeditiously, of course. For some reason, she was glad he was taken into custody. Jeff is privy to a secret about her, so perhaps it is best for them both that he is under police custody.

Jeff, meantime, was being questioned by the policeman with bloodshot eyes from exhaustion.

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"I told you, she's my sister! "What the hell do you want me to say?" a furious Jeff exclaimed. "Don't regret it later!"

The policeman scof fed, "Do you think I'm here to play? I was respecting you because I thought you were part of the” Hemsworth family but now you are claiming to be siblings with a Malfoy member. Tell me, while I am being kind, why you kidnapped her." Jeff has been subjected to endless questioning by the policemen since he arrived here last night.

I will make a call; just hand me my phone.

Upon witnessing his conceit, the Man got up from his chair and forcefully hit the table with his fists. With wide eyes, he moved the table between them and looked at Jeff.

"Are you insane? Consider me to be joking around, do you? The Man screamed and simultaneously grabbed

Jeff's hair.

Without pausing for thought, Jeff ; struck back. Grasping the man's hand, he turned it around and shoved him against the wall.

"You are abusing a law enforcement official!" "You abused a law-abiding individual.

This is self-defense on my part!" To release the man from Jeff's hold, the other police officers dashed into the room.

Although Jeff has never encountered anything like this before, he has an inkling that there is a person involved.

If not, who would arbitrarily detain him for snatching a girl in the absence of proof? The Man who gripped Jeff's hair was

overreacting too much and Jeff finally understood something.

The Man was either gaining something or doing it for someone else.

As soon as things got heated, a man who appeared to be their chief entered through the door.

"What do you think you are doing?!" The Chief hurried over to Jeff's side, shoving the man away and dusting his body. "I apologize, sir. I sincerely apologize, young Master. Old Master Malfoy called me just now." The Man who gripped Jeff's hair felt his leg go numb as heard 'Scavo'. He roared in rage, believing his chief to be bewitched or something. "Chief, he kidnapping the young miss of the

Malfoy family!" Shut your mouth, you asshole! Are you willing to lose your job? The chief shouted. "Since you have angered the 0ld Master, you are on your own this time." Jeff was attended to promptly by the chief, who expressed regret and apologized to him.

Jeff still felt the pain from the grip, and his hair was disheveled. He saw Chris and Amy as he was leaving the room.

Amy yelled, "Brother," and threw herself into Jeff's arms. "Are you alright? You did nothing wrong, but that scary man told me you would be imprisoned for kidnapping even though I know you are a good person."

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With a slow pat on Amy's back, Jeff gave her a hug. "Everything is fine right now." em” After a brief conversation between Chris and Jeff, the police chief resolves to identify the source of the false accusations.

The fact that the young man he arrested was actually a young master of the Malfoy family is still a raw wound for the man who questioned Jeff.

He hurried to his table after leaving the room. Reaching for his phone, he punched in a number.

"You lied to me! You informed me that he abducted the girl." Tears were streaming down his face as he continued to scream.

When he received a call from the woman he once loved during school days. Still, he was overjoyed when she left him a gratuity.

The man, Mr. Clark, was originally from Starry and worked as a detective until he got into trouble and was moved to Arty City.

Since his arrival years ago, Mr. Clark has not handled a case of any significance. So when Ella called, he did not give it much thought before acting.

He could get promoted or even go back to Starry City if he could save the young miss from the Scavo family.

Those were his thoughts.

He defied the responsibilities of a policeman and acted very strangely,

assaulting an innocent citizen.

Though Mr. Clark knew he was done for, he would also see to it that the person who had misled him got what she was due.