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The Fake Son Is A Billionaire Young Master

Chapter 27 They 've crossed troo many lines
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They've crossed too many lines Edward shifted, a grin on his face. "Oh really, Jeff? And what makes you think 1 played the song I wrote, wrong? I seem to recall that you are not even able to play the piano." Edward still didn't know that his fake brother had been deceiving them all these years. To him, Jeff remained the same stupid kid he had lived with.

There was an uproar among the guests, each guest questioning if Jeff was right or wrong.

With her brows knitted and her lips curled into a snarl, Rachael's face twisted into a mask of fury. "What an

ungrateful boy! What do you think are doing? arriving without warning and now asserting to know whether something is amiss." Jeff casually replied, "I know what is wrong, and what is wrong is that your angelic son played the last note wrong." "Why are you doing this?" Jeff said, "Because you must regret it with a hint of humor mixed in with the coldness.

His gaze met Rachael's as a vortex swirled inside of him.

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When Rachael realized what he had said, she recoiled, her eyes glimmering,

with rage. N— Jeff turned to face Edward. "I know how it is supposed to sound because I wrote that composition," Jeff said.

"And trust me, that last note was off." Anger slowly seeping into Edward's pores, his face flushed red. "You wrote it? You are not even familiar with music! Brother, please don't ruin Grandmother's birthday. You've done enough!" Jeff laughed, "1 have?" He moved over to the platform and took a seat. "Well, T doubt that." Right in front of everyone, Jeff effortlessly moved his hands against

the keyboard, the melody filling [ld ears of the guests. As they watched Jeff perform, they all widened their eyes in dismay.

Jeff's rendition of the song had a certain something special about it, even though Edward had already performed it.

During his performance, Jeff did not give the impression of a novice in music or someone who would bluff about writing a song. He was gorgeous and exuded a hint of coldness, much like a music idol.

This year's birthday banquet for Grandmother Hemsworth did not go as planned.

Following his performance, Jeff leftthe™ platform. "Now that I have played it right. Did you see where the mistake was?" "You have no proof that you wrote it!" Edward shot back, and something in him began to tremble.

Just as the tension reached its peak, Professor Paul, stepped in.

With a playful tone, Jeff interrupted right away and said, "Professor, Edward stole my composition. He played it as his own, word for word. I worked so hard on it, and he just took it from me." To be honest, Professor Paul already knew that the song belonged to Jeff. He

thought the song sounded familia when he first heard it, but it was not until later that he realized it was the same song Jeff had written six years prior.

When Professor Paul first met Jeff as a young boy, he was a different person.

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He was neither the Zombie Institute's dean nor a professor at that point.

He met the boy on Vero Island, a small island not far from Sea County, about ten years ago. He saw deep sadness in the boy's eyes and found himself drawn to him right away.

When Paul asked little Jeff how he knew about Vero island, the little boy answered, "Tread itina book that if

you pray on this island, your prayer.

will be answered. That's why I came." "What did you pray for?" inquired Paul, who was present for the same reason.

"Not much," Little Jeff replied. "I just want my family to love me." And so their paths crossed, and it appears that having each other in each other's lives brought them happiness in some way.

"Professor Paul" Edward called desperately. "Pay no attention to him.

My brother is just annoyed because Grandmother kicked him out!"