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The Fake Son Is A Billionaire Young Master

Chapter 22 Young Master Jeff full mark -2
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phone beeped. a With bleary eyes, he glanced at the contents of his phone.

Results for the college entrance exam have been released.

Jeff didn't tap the link to check his result, he tossed the phone away and slept off.

‘The next morning, he was awakened by the continuous chiming of his phone. He rubbed his eyes and groggily reached for his phone.

Heblinked quickly as he fixed his fuzzy gaze on it. There were over eighty missed calls and one hundred text messages.

He leaped out of bed, hiseyes ~~ widening, "What in the hell?!" His phone simultaneously beeped and vibrated before he could grasp what ‘was going on. Another call came in and 50 was another text message.

Jeff switched off his phone, feeling a jolt surge through his body. Adrenaline sent his senses into overdrive as if the shock had momentarily heightened his awareness.

"What's happening?" He asked subconsciously. "Did I get into trouble? Eighty missed calls and one hundred text messages?! Just me?!" It felt as though he was dreaming still

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Momentarily, there was a knock ori the door and Chris entered.

"Young Master! You lied to us" Chris yelled, his hand flying to his face, covering his mouth in a reflective gesture of astonishment. " mean you.

You are on TV! You passed the College entrance examination!" "College entrance examination?" Jeff furrowed his brows.

Oh yes! He received a notification before he went to bed that the result was out.

"I'm on TV?" Jeff asked, realizing Chris's words.

He stormed out of the room and lo and

behold, he saw his picture and the “= caption.

“The young man who completes the college entrance exam with a perfect score and tops the nation. The first in history!" Jeff read out the caption, a small smile appearing on his lips.

He'd "Young Master! How did you do it?! Full marks? You came first in the whole country! 01d Master Malfoy will be extremely pleased. Chris smiled, his happy eyes glistening. "But your grades in school..." "Because I always submit blank sheets

in school doesn't mean I'm dull" Jeff replied, his eyes on the reporter who.

was delivering the news on TV.

Where's Grandfather? Everywhere seems...Oh..." Memories from yesterday struck him like a match connecting two flames, and he suddenly realized.

He'd meet his relatives yesterday and it wasn't very pleasant "This morning, Master, Madam, and Second Young Master flew early to Starry back. Chris answers, "Master told me not to wake you, so 1 didn't." "Young Miss is with Old Master Malfoy in his study." "Young Miss?" Jeff asked, raising a

brow. hd Chris answered, "Madam's second child" Jeff's eyes grew impossibly wide. And he has a sister too, in addition to his ‘nasty stepbrother? Surprises keep coming in an unexpected way.

When the Old Master leaned of Jeff's score, he became extremely proud. He ‘was skeptical of his grandson's academic prowess and did not think he could have won the entire nation. The.

Elite Circle in Starry City would go.

crazy if Jeff becomes a Malfoy.


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“The Old Man didn't mention anything about Jeff's Father and Stepmother to

Jeff which made Jeff uneasy.

He knew what was going on, of course, having read the situation yesterday, but he had not counted on his father leaving early the following day.

Though deeply absorbed in his thoughts, Jeff's eyes were fixed on the eight-year-old girl in front of him.

‘The young girl was also gaping at him ‘with incredulity.

‘The old man grinned at the young girl and said, "Amy, greet your brother." ‘The young girl remained motionless as she continued to stare at Jeff without sayinganything.

Later, when Jeff turned on his phorie,"* he discovered that the majority of the ‘messages were from reporters requesting interviews with him and from various universities.

Jeff also looked through I*******m, he noticed that he had three times as ‘many followers as before.

It appears that Jamie congratulated him on a post that she made and.

tagged him nit.