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The Fake Son Is A Billionaire Young Master

Chapter 20 His teacher is back 2
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Edward and the Old Lady entered tHe=== suite as the moon shone brightly outside. "Tonight, you are going to meet someone. If we succeed, Professor Paul will be your mentor.

When they arrived at the private room door, the elderly woman straightened her clothing and pushed it open.

Aman and woman were silently talking inside the room.

“Professor Paul" Grinning, the Old Lady extends her greeting. "Permit me to introduce myself, please." With a narrowed gaze, Professor Paul turned to face the middle-aged woman.

The woman said, "Professor," 55 grinning. "This is the relative I talk about and this is her grandson, Edward ‘Hemsworth." Professor Paul lowered his head slightly while he made small talk with Edward and Grandmother Hemsworth.

They did not take long to begin eating.

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The Old Lady didn't stop flattering Professor Paul making him uncomfortable. The poor man keeps smiling awkwardly.

still, he observed Edward's disposition.

His thin fingers revealed that he was playing an instrument, and he exuded

elegance and calm. 1 "What instrument do you play?" Prof.

Paul enquired.

Grandmother Hemsworth interrupts, "He plays the piano and he is aspiring to be a student of All Stars University, Professor." “Oh that's nice" Professor Paul smiles.

"I have a piano-player friend of your age too." Hopefully, 1 will get to see him soon. The last time I saw him was along time ago." ‘The smile on Professor Paul's face persisted throughout his discussion of this particular person. He took his phone out of his pocket as if he suddenly remembered something.

He had sent another message a few minutes prior, but he had not received aresponse.

Once more, the brat has left his message on view.

His phone chimed just as he was ready to send another message.

Seeing the content of the message, he stood up abruptly and picked his jacket frantically.

"Professor Paul" The middle-aged woman called, her voice laced with concern. "Is there a problem?" "My close friend has been in an accident. T have to go" Professor Paul said. "1 truly apologize. We will meet

again." — Edward called to Professor Paul, who had been approaching the door.

“Professor” Edward called politely. "In three days, 1 would like to invite you to my grandmother's birthday banquet.

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Kindly invite this close friend of yours to attend." Edward checked the accuracy of his remarks. He handed over the invitation card.

“Alright, thank you." He was so courteous that Professor Paul was unable to truly reject him.

Grabbing the card, he said goodbye.

Edward, having just completed his" task, took a quick look at his grandmother. Although his grandmother tried to win Professor Paul's favor, the man did not seem to appreciate the compliments.

After Jeff ruined his day at the tournament, Edward was not feeling.

very well.

But would not it be great if he could actually win Professor Paul over to his ‘mentorship? Everyone would be talking about the Hemsworth family again, and he would enjoy great respect in the circle.

"Grandmother" Edward called. "We must return home as well."

"Alright. Isn't the college Entrance exam results coming out tomorrow?" ‘The Old Lady asked.

"Really?" Edward's eyebrows arched up inastartled manner.

His focus on Jeff caused him to lose sight of his objective. That bastard has areal knack for annoying him.