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The Epic Blind Date with My Boss (Josie and Dexter)

The Epic Blind Date with My Boss (Josie and Dexter)
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The Epic Blind Date with My Boss (Josie and Dexter)

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    Read The Epic Blind Date with My Boss (Josie and Dexter) by Bravo. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Epic Blind Date with My Boss full chapter at . Artist: Josie and Dexter... Genre: Billionaire Josie Warren's mother sets her up on a blind date at a high-class tea house in Wavery. After waiting for half an hour, the man she's supposed to meet doesn't show up, disappointing Josie. Eventually, a man named Jack Lowry arrives, claiming to be her blind date. He offers to marry Josie, explaining that he wants a housewife to care for his children, and he will cover all expenses. However, Josie interrupts and declines, explaining that they are not suited for each other due to their vast differences. Jack bes upset and tries to assert his superiority, but Josie remains firm in her decision. He eventually leaves, and Josie decides to stay and observe a blind date happening nearby. In this scenario, a well-dressed man named Dexter Russell is on a date with a woman. He is incredibly handsome and exudes an elegant aura. However, he quickly rejects the woman, citing her use of facial fillers as a reason. Amused by the scene, Josie gets ready to leave after the interaction ends. But suddenly, Dexter addresses her by name and asks if she enjoyed the show. Caught off guard, Josie denies watching the events. Dexter insists she sits down, and they begin to talk. It's revealed that Dexter is the president of Russell Group, a large conglomerate, while Josie is an ordinary designer at thepany. Three years prior, Dexter had noticed Josie and asked for her name during a department visit. Despite their differing statuses, Josie's exceptional beauty stood out. Josie recalls that she had believed any interest from Dexter was unlikely. However, Dexter's sudden attention to her now catches her off guard. Dexter asks if Josie is looking for a partner to get married, hinting at his own interest. The story leaves off at this moment, with the implication that their interactions are about to take an unexpected turn.... Read The Epic Blind Date with My Boss

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