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The Claiming by Cooper

Chapter 7
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As we pull into the area, I can see the mass of males pushing to see this year’s trophies.

“Savages.” Hana says.

“May they choke on their excitement.” I say as we watch the omegas get out, listening to the wolf


“I have no intention of acknowledging them.” Hana says. I can’t help but smile.

“You ignore them, and I’ll basically challenge them, daring them to try and capture me.” She chuckles.

“That should get them going.”

When Hana steps out of the car, I can feel the intensity of the energy increase. When I step out, it’s

almost overwhelming. But I am an Alpha, and I will not be cowed by these assholes who think I’ m

nothing more than a trophy to be won.

“Let’s remember everyone, our top priority is the safety and protection of our females.” The Master of

Ceremonies says into the microphone as we climb the stairs to the stage.

When I get to the top, I see that the guards are aiming their guns into the crowd. The energy tames

somewhat, but as I watch, a fight breaks out and several men shift and begin fighting.

Hana leans over to whisper in my ear. “Omegas?” Omegas are generally calm and deferential to ranked

members. However, they are not as adept at managing strong emotions and the amount of

testosterone in the air is suffocating.

I lift my nose, trying to decipher between the multiple scents in the area. “And a Gamma, I think.”

As we watch, the one I think is a Gamma tears into another wolf as a second wolf jumps on his back,

biting down on his spine. Shots ring out, followed by the yelping of wolves. As we watch, two omegas are

forced to shift back. The one I think is a Gamma, shifts, but doesn’t move. He’s either paralyzed or dead.

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“Four fewer for us to deal with.” Hana says quietly beside me. I turn and see our female omegas, their

eyes wide with fear.

“Hey. It’s okay. They won’t get to you and sadly, this probably isn’t the last time a fight will break out.”

They nod but don’t look away.

“Look at us.” Hana demands and they do. “You’re safe up here. If any of them get past the guards, we

won’t let them get you.”

“Hana is right. We won’t let them hurt you.” I add.

Elder Carson comes up to the stage. “Please remove the offending parties and escort them out of the

territory. They are eliminated from the claimant pool.”

Several guards rush up, dragging the four wolves away. I still can’t tell if the Gamma, or whatever he

was, is dead, but I guess it doesn’t matter now.

“Anyone else want to test my commitment to keeping the peace?” Elder Carson challenges the group. I

like this guy.

“If not, then let’s continue.” He says and gestures Beta Michael back to the microphone.

He steps up and begins again. “As you all know, this year’s pool of females is higher than it has been in

years. Not only that, but we

also have a Beta and our last remaining Alpha female up for claiming this year.”

I can’t help the snarl that curls my lip. I feel like livestock on parade for those interested. It makes me

sick. As I stare into the crowd, I catch the eye of a man who is obviously an Alpha. His eyes are locked

on mine and there’s a smile on his face, something akin to pride. He’s good looking as all Alphas are,

muscular, tall, with longer black hair that brushes his shoulders and grey eyes that look kind.

I pull my gaze from his and continue perusing the crowd. When I see him, the snarl on my face erupts

from my mouth, causing the entire gathering to quiet down. Alpha Typhon’s look is smug as he stares at

me with leering possessiveness. The fucking bastard.

Everyone in the crowd turns to see who has caused such a response from me. The sound of low

growling begins echoing in the crowd and the smug look drops from his face.

“Okay, let’s meet this year’s pool of contestants. First up, Annabel.” Beta Michael says.

I watch as he gestures for Annabel to come to the microphone. As she steps up, there is clapping and

cheering. She waves shyly and looks at the Beta.

“So, Annabel, tell us about yourself.” He encourages her.

She looks out over the crowd. A couple of people whistle at her. She blushes and looks at the

microphone. “My name is Annabel. I’ m an omega at Chelsea Hills pack. I’m 18.”

She turns and looks at Beta Michael. “What do you do in your pack, Annabel?” He coaches her along.

“I work in the kitchens.” She pauses a moment then looks up smiling brightly. “I can cook really well.”

A cheer goes up and she smiles even brighter. She’s very sweet.

“Thank you, Annabel.” Beta Michael gestures for her to step back. before turning to the group.

“A round of applause for Annabel!” He says and everyone claps for


“Next up, Mignon.” He turns, gesturing for Mignon to step forward.

“Tell us about yourself, Mignon.”

She’s got a lot of confidence for an omega. “My name is Mignon. I turned 18 over six months ago, and

I’m very excited to be here.”

“We’re excited to have you here, Mignon. A round of applause for Mignon.”

“Next up, please welcome Layan.”

I’ve been watching the crowd, trying to divert my attention from the Alpha that caught my eye earlier.

Because I’ve become hyper aware of him, I notice his pack mate’s attention focus in on Layan.

Interesting. There is something about her that would pull on a ranked wolf’s need to protect. She’s sweet

and gentle and even I feel the need to watch over her.

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She’s blushing brightly as she walks to the microphone. I can tell that even Beta Michael feels the need

to protect her. His arm twitches as if he wants to wrap it around her protectively.

When she gets there, she looks up at him. “Tell us your name, sweetheart.” He says gently.

“My name is Layan.” She looks at him for approval. He nods and encourages her to continue. The guy

who was focused on her begins purring and others soon join in, encouraging her.

Her response to the encouragement is instant. “I just turned 18 last week. And I help my parents in

taking care of the packhouse in New Springs pack.”

I look back at the guy who started purring, sniffing the air. Beta. Beside him, the Alpha who caught my

attention is focused on me. When he catches my eye, he winks at me. I roll my eyes and look away, but

not before I see him chuckling.

“A round of applause for Layan.” Beta Michael says. There are a lot of whistles and some purring

encouragement as she steps back, blushing again.

“Next up, this year’s Beta female, Hana.”

He turns, gesturing for Hana to join him at the microphone. She walks confidently to the microphone and

leans in.

“My name is Hana. I’m a Beta. And I don’t want to be here.” She says before turning and walking back to

stand beside me.

My lips twitch and I see Seth’s broad smile. He likes her attitude. I hope he claims her. She’d be good for

our pack, and he’d be good to her.

“Uhhh, a round of applause for our Beta, Hana.” Beta Michael says. The crowd erupts in clapping and

howling. They like her defiance. If they like her, they’re going to love me.

“And finally, this year’s Alpha female, Jara.”

I walk up to the microphone, my head held high. “My name is Jara. I’m an Alpha. And if any of you think

you are going to claim me,” I

turn and stare right at Alpha Typhon, “I’ll rip your fucking balls off.”