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The Billionaire’s Kick Ass Wife

The Billionaire’s Kick Ass Wife
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The Billionaire’s Kick Ass Wife

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    Read The Billionaire’s Kick Ass Wife by Alice Walker. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereThe Billionaire’s Kick-Ass Wife by Alice Walker full chapter on . Genre: Billionaire A woman named Isabella Thompson is walking alone in a heavy downpour at night. She falls beside a black car on the curb and desperately crawls into it, realizing that she would be found frozen to death in the rain by morning. However, she doesn't notice the strong smell of blood in the air. In the dark, a pair of dark eyes with a bluish tint snap open and dart to her with a sharp light in them. The owner of the eyes, a severely injured man, tries to push her away, but he's too weak. Isabella lowers her head and presses her body against the man's toned body, angering him. The rain finally subsides into a drizzle, and Isabella wakes up in the car the next morning, trying to recall how she ended up there. Isabella is outside her parents' house, where she overhears a conversation between Samantha Lang, a famous TV personality and her fan, and another person. Samantha insults Isabella and reveals that they were swapped at birth, which explains the odd atmosphere at home lately. Isabella was taken to a five-star hotel in Dawton City, but she escaped because she realized she had been set up. She feels wistful and wants to think that Mr. and Mrs. Thompson are still her parents, even if she is not related to them. However, she hears Mrs. Thompson say that Isabella is a cheap girl who does not deserve to be Samantha's servant, and that the Lang family would not recognize her as their daughter. Please follow and read The Billionaire’s Kick-Ass Wife by Alice Walker full chapter on

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