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The Alpha’s Obsession with his Ex-Contract Luna

Chapter 160
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Chapter 160 Little did Daisy know that she carried a knife with her, using it to cut her hair. Still, Daisy chased after her, not knowing that Asena was leading her to her death.

No one knew that Daisy was not to be close to water except her family at the Dark Moon Park.

Even Bree did not know this, and since the river was a little far away, Daisy's visits were naturally limited to the pack house, with her parents keeping a close eye on her.

She had to sneak out because of what Asena did to Blair. Being a member of the Riverbed Pack, Asena knew places Daisy wasn't allowed to go because of the prophecy.

"Where are you? Cout here," Asena heard Daisy calling after her and smirked. Laying flat behind sshrubs, she planned her attack.

It was obvious that Daisy was tougher than her, so this was the only way to get her revenge. Daisy realized that she had arrived at a riverbed, the one place the pack derived its nfrom.

Just as she turned around, a force lifted her leg, she lost balance and toppled over, falling into the water It was not too deep, but for someone with powers preventing her from getting close to any, Daisy felt the water in her lungs, thinking that was the end for her.

However, an eighteen-year-old guy dived in there and pulled her out. With Daisy being unconscious, he quickly performed CPR on her.

Her eyes opened blurrily to the most handsface she ever saw. "Your eyes," he said. "They are beautiful." Her dark brown eyes that looked black from a distance away sparkled with the contrast of her pure sclera. Blending with her long lashes, the eighteen-year-old boy felt like a pedophile.

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Daisy smiled into his dark gaze. Then her eyes rested on a crescent pendant around his neck.

"Daisy," she heard her father's voice sound from the distance.

"Alpha Nick?" The guy mumbled, dropped her gently at the dry side, and instantly took off, afraid of being misjudged as causing the accident.

Daisy also did not give the details of the incident to her parents, afraid they might ban her from coming to the Riverbed Pack.

That was the last she saw of the mysterious man, and the more she thought about him, the more she could not forget him and that crescent moon pendant around his neck.

"You mean I would have green eyes all my life?" Daisy so desired for the answer to be no. The only thing the man commented on was her eyes.

"Daisy, they are very beautiful," Sheridan said, even liking the green eyes better but was saddened that Daisy was not pleased.

Athena caressed her cheek and asked, "Isn't it better than continuously wearing the sbracelet? Now you can wear any bracelet you like." Daisy removed her hand gently with teary eyes. “You don't understand." She turned around and quickly descended the stairs, running outside as she bumped into her father.

"Daisy," Alpha Nick embraced and kissed the top of her head. "Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Wanna see the surprise the men 1/3 ||| O got you on your birthday?" Daisy was not responding, though still hugging her father, so Alpha Nick pulled her gently and staring into her eyes, he was shocked.

"Why did your eyes change color?" "My wolf harvested the powers from my bracelet," Daisy responded shyly. Alpha Nick smiled.

"These are the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen." Daisy knew that her father would never say anything negative about her. "You are only saying it because you are my dad." "He's telling the truth, Daisy, it's really beautiful," Blair added her voice.

"Hey Daisy, aren't you dressed up yet? The guests are arriving," Blake interrupted them, Arnold Jr. and her six other cousins flung around her.

"Have you got your wolf yet, or should I ask if you are a late bloomer?" Atlas Jr. asked. Daisy chuckled. "You're bad. My wolf's nis Nala." "You got your wolf?" Alpha Nick was so excited, he carried her in his arms and swirled her around.

The atmosphere turned bubbly once more as she went to change into her clothes. Everyone looked stunning, her parents and her male cousins dressed in black suits and white shirts with black bow ties.

Goldie and Sheridan wore similar dresses with Athena, and only Daisy's dress stood out. Sheridan and Alpha Nick had tears in their eyes; their daughter was all grown now The party started with all pack members excited, especially the men, as Alpha Nick had announced Daisy was going to do a mate search.

All unmated werewolves above eighteen were eager to be bonded with her, and when her presence was announced, everyone was stunned at her transformation.

The long one had a purple lace long dress her mother designed was just stunning.

"Daisy looks so much like Alpha Nick and Luna Sheridan," one of the pack members said. Another one added, "Yes, and even prettier. She would make a wonderful Alpha someday." Everyone knew that since she was the only child, she would indeed take over from her father. Daisy was loved by all pack members because of her humility and love.

Even omegas were only known by names but enjoyed every pack benefit without being looked down upon, thanks to Daisy.

There were times she would design clothes for she-wolves when they turned eighteen for their mating ceremonies.

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Those are the ones who found their mates on their birthdays.

They sang the popular happy birthday song in unison for her, and Daisy's i showed her the surprise he had for her with her cousins.

"Where are we going?" Daisy asked after being blindfolded and led away.

returned. After cutting the cake, her father "You'll see when we get there," Alpha Nick said. She had to contain her expectations until the blindfold was removed.

"Happy Birthday," her cousins screamed together, each one taking turns to hug her as Daisy was bewildered to see her dream car.

"You told them about it, didn't you?" she accused Blair as she was the only one Daisy had told about it.

"It's your eighteenth birthday, and everybody wanted it to be the best for you." The Bugatti Chiron Profilée had been Daisy's dream car from the moment she laid eyes on it in a magazine.

+5 Her eyes were moist from all the love that was being shown to her. "Thank you so much. I love you all." Daisy wiped a joyful tear from the corner of her eyes as Alpha Nick brought her attention to the last item on the list.

"Daisy, it's tto search for your mate. All the unmated warriors above eighteen have been informed and are waiting."

Daisy swallowed tightly, afraid of if she found her mate among them. Then she might never find that mysterious man with the crescent pendant.

Unknown to her, her parents were equally afraid that even if her mate Leven if her mate was in the pack, she would not recognize him because of the curse. "Alright, dad, I'm ready," she forced a smile and said.