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The Alpha's Curse The Enemy Within

Chapter 31
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Chapter 31 Thirty One

Sheila's point of view

I regretted those words as soon as they left my lips.

Killian's gaze hardened, growing darker and deadlier with a striking rage.

In a flash, his body pulled away from mine and walked back to the middle of the field.

"Come at me, and don't hesitate. Fight like you are literally fighting for your survival." His words were

clear and held no emotion at all. It was brutally cold.

I picked up the sword laying on the ground, holding it tightly as I took my stance, but my eyes were on

his chest instead.

I shifted my gaze to him. He was staring at me with dark, unknowing eyes.

I lunged at him, and again, Killian slapped the sword from my hands. His hand, this time, shoved me

against the tree, aiming for my chest.

"If I was a real threat, your heart would be in my hand right now. You have to fight like you badly want

to live," His voice sounded like a high-pitched yell.

"What happened to you, Killian? How did you get those scars?" My lips ranted so stupidly, as my eyes

dwelt again on his chest that was branded with several scars, as though they were etched deeply into

his soul.

I didn't gaze up to meet those dark eyes of his that I knew were no doubt glaring furiously at me. I

couldn't quell the pain that pinched my chest just at the sight of those scars. I felt so much pain that it

almost made me want to cry. I hated this god-damned feeling. But I couldn't help it.

I heard a faint howl at the back of my head. I could feel Adie rove to the front of my mind, but she didn't

utter a word.

When Killian neither responded nor moved away from me, I was forced to gaze up at him. He was

staring down with the usual fathomless dark pit in his eyes, and his expression was unreadable. I

couldn't tell if he was furious or not.

"It doesn't concern you; now focus," He didn't yell, but there was noticeable brutality and roughness in

his voice.

He backed away, and I recollected the sword from the ground, aiming for him. I evaded his attack

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several times before he pinned me against the tree.

I didn't utter a word about the scars, even though I was dying with so many questions. We kept on

training till dawn slowly sneaked in on us. I was exhausted by then. I collapsed on the ground, panting

heavily while Killian gathered the weapons.

"You can rest up before coming to the office. Be on time tonight," he bellowed from afar, before walking

into the woods.

Right on cue, Ria appeared at my side. She was kind enough to come with some water, which I swiftly

gulped down.

"It must be really exhausting to train with Alpha Killian," Ria stated, but it sounded more like a question.

I released a frustrated sigh. "You can't even begin to imagine," I told her honestly, as we walked back to

the castle.

It was far worse than exhausting. He was training me like he was training one of his warriors. Morgan

never trained me this hard. And I preferred the crafted swords instead, in case he might have forgotten

that I was basically a human. I didn't have the super healing traits of being a wolf. If I injured myself

during the training, it would take a longer time to heal from the injury.

Ria sent me a pitiful look. We reached the castle gates. I looked around the pack, and everyone was

either bustling around or moving about with chains.

"Is something happening today?" I asked Ria, noting our surroundings.

Her eyes also scanned around, suddenly turning pale. "Er—" She dragged on, sounding confused or

searching for the right words. "It's really nothing. Don't pay any attention to that," she rushed on, going

into the castle.

I followed suit behind her, heading to my chamber. I showered and got dressed in a deep violet

sleeveless dress. I went down for breakfast at the pack house. I have been having my meals there

instead, with the pack members and Morgan as well. At least I get to avoid Killian's insufferable lover.

I had my breakfast with Brielle, Ria, and a few members of the pack. Unlike usual, the Packhouse was

rather quiet, and not many people appeared for breakfast. Those who did ate in silence. Even Brielle

and Ria focused on their food, barely muttering a word. Everything just seemed weird, even the

atmosphere of the pack was strange.

I finished my breakfast and headed to the castle. Brielle left for some work, and a few minutes later, Ria

also left. She informed me she might not be able to see me the rest of the day. When I asked her why

she was being really weird about her reasons.

I felt tired, but I really didn't want to remain within the corner walls of my room. So, I left for Killian's

office instead.

I could not hide the disappointed look on my face when I walked in and couldn't find him in the office.

Without thinking much about anything, I buried my head in the pile of books and journals I haven't read


I had absolutely no idea how time flew so fast. I fell asleep at some point, and when I woke up,

darkness had already taken over the land.

Kilian wasn't in. He didn't come into the office today. It was unlike him, considering he usually locked

himself in here. I could not help but wonder if he was avoiding me. Could it be because of what

happened during training? I had no idea.

I gathered the books I had successfully read through together and stashed them aside. After that, I

made my way out of Killian's office.

Instead of heading to my chamber, I motioned to the packhouse.

I was at the castle entrance doors when, from nowhere, Morgan hastened towards me, his huge figure

blocking my path.


"Where are you off to?" He asked calmly, but there was a knife-edge tension in his voice that he was

trying desperately to hide. His emerald green eyes were impenetrable, like those of his brother.

"To the Packhouse," I replied, taking him in with caution. He looked really awful. His face looked

strained, and the skin around his eyes was pale, either from tiredness or from pain. I couldn't really tell.

"Have you seen Ria?" I asked,

Morgan was quick to shake his head. "No." His large hand touched my arm, "You should have your

dinner in the castle tonight, and as for Ria, I will be sure to send her to you the second I get the

chance," he said quickly.

He was acting weird. really weird. Something was going on. I knew Morgan too well.

I nodded, not saying anything. And he sighed in relief.

I turned back to the castle with Morgan closely behind me when a loud, thundering growl shook the

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earth, causing the walls to vibrate.

I swerved to Morgan. "Did you hear that?"

"It's probably some wolf training," he dismissed quickly, leading me back inside.

"No. That couldn't be. That was–"

My words were cut off abruptly by another growl, which sent my legs trembling. It was accompanied by

a round of several echoed howls. The howling seemed to be coming from different directions in the


My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Morgan groan beside me. My blue eyes fell on him. He had

his eyes shut as he kept groaning in so much pain.

Fear pricked at my skin. I clutched his arms in worry.


Morgan's hand clutched mine tightly, the gates of his eyes still shut tightly together. "Head back to your

chamber at once, Sheila." His voice came out breathlessly. I could literally see the pain bathing him.

I was about to protest that he needed to see the pack's healers at once, when the thundering growl

erupted again, aiming for destruction.

The sound of wolves howling in pain rose again in the air, and Morgan groaned louder. It was as if

Morgan's pain and the howls were triggered and connected to the thundering growls. It terrified me. I

looked around but there was not a single sight of anyone. That was even weirder.

"Morgan, I will take you to the pack's healers."

Morgan held on to me tighter. “It's dangerous for you to be out here. Go to your chamber now! " He was

half yelling. His touch on my skin was dreadfully cold. "Sheila, please." He begged in a whisper. His

emerald green eyes pulled open, and I gasped. They were glowing a blinding bright green, while dark

lines popped in his veins.


At his words, I staggered on my shoes, heading back into the castle. My heart was racing hard against

my chest. I closed the doors behind me as soon as I was in.

Immediately, a blast of wolves howling in pain filled the air. Through the loud tumult outside the castle

walls, a piercing growl sliced through it all.

And I froze. Something in my chest recognized it.

Oh, my goddess. Killian!