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The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 7276
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At this moment, in the red-gold light, James, who was demonized, activated all his Supernatural Powers. The Wuia Demon-Slayer Sword turned into nine pieces sometimes and turned from nine pieces into one. It constantly flew around. The Sword Light filled the sky, killing the Alcide beings.

Regardless of their cultivation ranks, regardless of their gender, they were instantly killed by the Wuia Demon- Slayer Sword. Their physical bodies and Ultimate Golden Bodies were completely destroyed. Even their souls were swept away by the Sword Lights. Their souls were scattered.

After countless waves of attack, the group of Alcide beings disappeared without even touching the corner of James' clothes.

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Gradually, the Alcide beings that had survived began to retreat in fear. However, when they were about to flee in all directions, they were engulfed by the red-gold light. They couldn't get out.

More importantly, the Sword Lights of the Wuia Demon-Slayer Sword expanded. With every Sword Light flashing, an Alcide being would lose a head. Then, their souls would be scattered.

The group of Alcide beings had gradually changed from defending the Path and arrogantly attacking in groups to being in fear and waiting for death.

As the Alcide beings within the red-gold light gradually died, the ruins of the Goyoan Temple turned into mountains of corpses and seas of blood. There were broken limbs, internal organs, and fragments of Ultimate Golden Bodies everywhere. Countless souls were struggling weakly.

"We can't wait any longer." Suddenly, Taichu said, "We must take the opportunity to seal James first, otherwise, it will cause a greater catastrophe." As she spoke, she turned into a ball of black-and-white energy and entered the cauldron. The boundless black- and-white energy merged with Xabat's Path Cauldron quickly.

It also caused the three layers of black-and-white energy clouds that previously suppressed James to increase to eighty-one layers.

At the stime, based on these eighty-one layers of black-and-white energy clouds, the red-gold light that was spread by James was gradually sealed.

Seeing that the black-and-white energy was slowly solidifying, the divine beings and powerhouses becanxious.

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"No, don't seal him," Yiulia choked out, "He didn't mean it." "Emperor Yiulia, calm down." Cosimeon hurriedly grabbed Yiulia. "If we don't seal him now, how can we buy tand find a way to eliminate the malevolent energy from him?” "That's right" Marius raised his head and sighed. "It's not like we can summon all the divine beings from the Forty-Ninth Heaven and let him kill them all to buy us stime, right?" "What ideas do you have?" Yianni stared at Marius and clenched her fists. "Are you sure that Taichu's seal can seal him?" "I know you've gone through life and death with Master." Helplessly, Marius said, “But there is no other way now." "I've notified Taiyi and Emperor Tapia to cover to handle all this. Now, in all worlds, only they have the strength to help Master." Having said that, Marius looked at the black-and-white energy that was gradually sealed.

"It's just that i'm also worried about whether or not master can wait until they arrive. Once he completely loses his mind and is controlled by the malevolent energy, we will also die under the wuia Demon-Slayer sword "Are you afraid?" Morgott looked at Marius. “If you are, you should leave. I will protect my friend." Facing Morgott, who was stubborn, Marius wanted to say something but couldn't.

He used to be Febby. Although he, was mitakenly reborn as a woman, his relationship with James was much deeper than all the powerhouses present.

In this critical moment, how could he abandon James and run away? At this time, in the formation, Lesia slowly got up. She wiped away her tears and said, “Everyone, I'm leaving. Take care." Upon hearing that, all the divine beings present were shocked. They looked at Lesia in astonishment.

"Are you leaving at this time?" Yiulia shouted angrily, "You're his second body!" I know." Lesia glanced at Yiulia. “Because I'm his second body, I know him best.