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Shadows of Destiny: A Tale of Liberation

Chapter 1830
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Chapter 1830 After coming up with a plan, Jeffrey was almost a part of the entertainment circle. Xavier temporarily made Jeffrey and Shirley the male and female leads of The Heart of the Grassland, which he would have a grand startup ceremony for a week later.

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Renee felt more relaxed after returning from Universal Entertainment. She was glad her focus was broadening to something outside of her children, Stefan, and her. She went to meet Leia at a roadside stall to eat.

Leia was confused when Renee told her the whole story. "Ren, I don't get you. What's with you and Jeffrey? Why do you insist on making him famous?" She took a big gulp of her beer. "Yes, that kid is handsome, but he's just a boy. You need a man." Renee stared at her friend helplessly, then placed sbeef on Leia's plate. "You like beef, don't you? Eat more and talk less." "Was I mistaken?" Leia munched on the beef happily, then continued, "Look -there are many young handsguys in the entertainment field. It's okay if you have sfun with them, but Jeffrey is too pure. If you date him, he'll take it seriously, then it'll be hard for you to get out of the relationship." "I just want him to explore the world." Renee slowly took sbeer for herself and explained nonchalantly, "He and his family helpedwhen I was in a bad place. If it wasn't for the tI spent in Joyner Village, I might still be depressed and troubled. Jeffrey might look young, but he has a mind of his own. I think his life will improve once he leaves his comfort zone. If he finds it boring, he can return to his village, and he won't have any regrets. Don't you agree?" "So... you just want to help him?" Leia frowned, looking doubtful.

"Yeah, it's really that simple." Renee spread her hands helplessly. She didn't expect that one simple action would cause so much speculation.

"I thought you finally wanted to enjoy yourself!" Leia shook her head, then said meaningfully, "If you date a young and pure guy like Jeffrey, I'm sure speople would be fuming." Renee ignored Leia's words and casually sipped her beer.

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"Are you still not in touch? Haven't you seen each other again?" Leia couldn't help but ask as she ate.

"No." Renee smiled calmly. "But isn't my life great now?" Things hadn't turned out as bad as she thought. They were living life well on their own despite being separated.

"Yeah, you're right!" Leia agreed enthusiastically. "Your life is so much better now, and sd is mine. Let's toast to a better tomorrow for both of us!" "Well said! I'll drink to that!"

A week later, the planned startup ceremony for The Heart of the m Grassland was held as scheduled. However, Renee was in a dilemma.