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Second Chance Luna

Second Chance Luna
112 Chapters
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Second Chance Luna

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    Phoebe had been raised on stories of the magical moment when she would meet her fated mate, the one destined to be her partner forever. She grew up watching her parents’ great love and knew it wasn’t just wishful thinking. However dreams and reality prove to be very different when she meets her mate: Graham, future Alpha of the Rimrock Pack. He rejects her and leaves her without a backward glance. He rejected her because he thought she was weak, wolfless. Little does he know it is all a façade. Phoebe’s wolf is unlike any other. She is a silver wolf, the very incarnation of the Moon Goddess herself, and destined to change the world they know. Living in the shadow of her former mate Phoebe remains with her pack making her own place among the others by taking care of their pups. If this is the life she was given she is determined to make the most of it despite the continued ridicule she receives as her wolf insists they must be discrete and refuses to come forward. Destiny; however, has not forgotten them and rears its head again when her second chance mate appears. Jason, Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, one of the six ancient and most powerful of all packs, has been searching in vain for his Luna for nearly a decade. He is on the verge of giving up when a security check has him setting foot on the Rimrock pack lands. Her scent tantalizes him. Her beauty and grace leave him speechless. His mate. His Luna. But first he has to convince her he wants only her. Can this newly formed power couple truly change the world? Just what destiny awaits them when Phoebe’s wolf is revealed? When even the royal family stands against them is their love strong enough to overcome and bring the new dawn?