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Savage Love On His Wheelchair

Chapter 038 The Maverick Actor Nathaniel Meyer
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Rosemary's last class was at 3:00 p.m. Because it was still early, she asked Tina to go with her to return Nathaniel Meyer's clothes.

Rosemary called Nathaniel Meyer to find out where he was. He gave her the address and hung up.

They got to the side of the road, got into a cab, and drove to Nathaniel Meyer's place.

Tina thought for a moment and said, “Rosemary, let's go find sscenes for the next couple of days, okay?” “Okay, well, why don’t we try to find it sometime?” Rosemary agreed.

The taxi stopped in front of a tall building. Rosemary paid to get out of the car. Looking at the office building in front of her, she said softly, “Isnt this the building of a film company?” Tina also got out of the car and said to Rosemary, “Rosemary, is it the right place? The company basically selects artists who can easily becpopular in the entertainment industry. This is the company that everyone in our school dreams of working with.” Rosemary hadn't had a chance to do it yet, so of course she didn’t know about the famous film companies out there. Sometimes she heard it when she was with Tina and her friends.

“The person you sent the clothes to isn’t someone from this company, is he?” Tina said excitedly.

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Rosemary could tell by the look on her face what she was up to. She hit her on the head and said, “It's not what you think. | don’t know him well. | don’t even know what he does for a living. He just said his nwas Nathaniel Meyer.” Tina looked incredulous and stammered, “What... What did you say his nwas?” Rosemary looked at Tina's weird expression and said faintly, “Nathaniel Meyer! Is there a problem?” “Nathaniel Meyer?” Tina swallowed. “Rosemary, do you know who Nathaniel Meyer is?” Rosemary looked at her with a puzzled look on her face and asked, “Who is he?” “He's international superstar Nathaniel Meyer. He's the star of the show. And he’s my idol, too.” Tina said with a look of ecstasy.

Rosemary was reminded of what Nathaniel Meyer said the last tthey were at the bottom of the valley. Now she knew why he had looked so strange.

Rosemary chuckled as she thought about Nathaniel Meyer's face, “No wonder! Last t| was at the bottom of the valley with him, he gavehis name. But when he sawdo nothing about it for a long time, he looked very frustrated. Maybe that's why.” Tina covered her stomach with laughter, and tears almost burst out of her eyes. She said, “That's for sure. He was an international superstar and you ignored him. | don’t need you to tellthat look. You're the only one in the world who can do it.” Rosemary shrugged, “You know I'm not a fan of stars. | just wanted to try out different roles when | started studying art.” Tina saw her innocent expression and shook her head, saying “Nathaniel Meyer will remember you for the rest of his life as the man who took away his aura.

“All right, let's get in there!” Rosemary walked down the hall to the front desk and smiled. “Hello, I'm looking for Mr. Nathaniel Meyer. What floor is he on?” The receptionist smiled and asked, “Do you have an appointment?” “We called him before we got here. He’s the one who asked us to find him here.” Rosemary said politely.

Just as the receptionist was about to say something, the elevator door opened. Aaron Becker smiled and said, “Thank you for waiting, Miss Harris. Follow me, please.” Rosemary and Tina followed Aaron Becker into an elevator and saw him press the button of the 18th floor.

“Mr. Becker, is Mr. Meyer the sNathaniel Meyer who took the country by storm?” Rosemary asked quietly.

Aaron Becker asked quizzically, turning his head, “You didn’t know who our Boss was until now, did you?” Rosemary smiled awkwardly and said, “All he said was that his nwas Nathaniel Meyer, and | didn’t think much of it.” Tina felt very embarrassed. How could an art college student say he hadn’t heard of Nathaniel Meyer? This was a disgrace to the School of Art.

“Oh my god! Don't you watch TV at all?” Aaron Becker had this incredible look on his face.

Rosemary whispered innocently, “It’s quite normal! She doesn’t know so many important people in this country!” Aaron Becker heard her muttering and asked, “What's wrong with you, Miss Harris?” Rosemary smiled awkwardly, “Oh! Nothing!” Suddenly the elevator had cto a steady stop on the eighteenth floor.

The elevator doors opened slowly. As soon as Rosemary got out of the elevator, she was grabbed by a body. He whirled her around in the air. He could kiss Rosemary on the cheek.

“Nathaniel Meyer, putdown or I'm leaving!” Seeing so many people, Rosemary said anxiously and shyly.

“All right, I'll put you down! Rosemary, do you have any idea how much I've missed you? I've been excited ever since you called to say you were coming.” Nathaniel said with a cheery smile.

When Tina and the staff on the floor saw this, they couldn’t believe it was Nathaniel Meyer.

Rosemary looked at those people. If eyes could kill people, she'd probably have nothing left. It scared her to think about it.

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“Rosemary, let's go! To the place where I'm resting.” Nathaniel didn’t give Rosemary a chance to say no. He just dragged her inside.

“Look, what about my usual resting place?” Nathaniel's bright smile was like the afternoon sun.

Rosemary looked at the large lounge, which was more of a gym than a lounge, filled with all kinds of fitness equipment.

“Well, that's good. You're a superstar. Even your break room is the size of my house.” Rosemary said jokingly.

Nathaniel was leaning half against the wall of his makeup table, making him look lazy and evil.

“Do you usually like to work out?” Rosemary asked, looking at the exercise machines.

“Kind of. | like to exercise whenever I'm free. How else did | get this flawless figure?” Nathaniel said proudly.

Rosemary had never met a more narcissistic person. How did she know such a narcissist? Rosemary looked Nathaniel up and down as if she could see right through him.

Nathaniel felt uncomfortable being stared at by her naked eyes. His legs went limp, and a flush cover his handsface.

“Are you shy?” Rosemary smiled as she walked slowly toward him.