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Savage Love On His Wheelchair

Chapter 023 Party 3
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Rosemary looked up blankly at the handsome man in front of her. Joseph Flower, with his tall body, stood in front of Rosemary.

There was a faint smile on his handsome face, and his deep eyes were like a sapphire, or a deep spring.

“Hello, Mr. Flower!” Rosemary smiled sheepishly.

“Miss Harris, you don’t seem to enjoy the occasion very much, do you?” Joseph Flower asked, scanning the room and turning to Rosemary.

Rosemary looked at Joseph Flower and smiled, “It's fine. | just stood up for so long and my feet got a little sore, so | just wanted to sit down.” Joseph Flower nodded and then looked at Rosemary.

Rosemary was very good-looking, especially with a face as clean as a spotless lotus. No matter where she was placed, she always had a unique beauty that made her instantly recognizable.

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Rosemary was a little embarrassed by Joseph Flower’s staring. She stood up and said politely, “Mr. Flower, if you'll excuse me, | have to go to the bathroom.” Then Rosemary walked right past Joseph Flower and toward the bathroom.

Joseph Flower looked at Rosemary's back and frowned thoughtfully as he walked toward the crowd.

“Rosemary!” Rosemary heard a familiar voice. Once she thought it was the most beautiful sound in the world, now it was like poison.

Rosemary's heart was still hurt by the sound. She took a deep breath and turned coldly to John Sawyer.

When John Sawyer saw that it was really Rosemary, he took a few steps forward and walked up to her. “It's really you! | thought you are...” Rosemary took two steps back and looked blankly at John Sawyer, “Mr. Sawyer, who did you think | am? Your fiancee?” John Sawyer didn't like Rosemary's cold attitude. His face was pained. “I didn’t mean that. Some things aren't what you think they are!” John Sawyer grabbed her excitedly and tried to explain, but Rosemary stepped back, slipped, and fell back. She was about to crash into the next corner, “Ouch...” John Sawyer hurried forward to pull Rosemary when a sweet voice sounded, “John...” John Sawyer’s hand froze in midair. Rosemary was about to hit the corner when a strong arm caught her at that moment.

Somewhere in the corner, a pair of eyes were staring coldly at what had just happened. A piercing chill spread across the hotel.

“Are you okay?” Chad Grant asked as he looked at the terrified Rosemary.

Rosemary was in shock and resting on the wall next to her for two minutes before she came to her senses. “Thanks, I'm fine,” she told Chad Grant dryly.

Daisy looked at Rosemary with a jealous heart. Why did Rosemary have someone protecting her everywhere she went? Daisy looked at Rosemary and said, “Rosemary, you're really good. There are men chasing you everywhere you go. Aren't you afraid that The Grant family might know it?” Suggested Daisy, pretending kindly.

“Daisy, stop it!” John Sawyer yelled at Daisy angrily.

Daisy ignored what Sawyer said and continued, “Don’t be fooled by her appearance. You don’t know who she is now, do you? She is The Young Mrs. Grant. Aren't you afraid that people will talk about you now that you're standing so close to her?” Rosemary looked at Daisy and felt very surprised. At home, she could ignore what she said. But how could she now denigrate her own sister in the presence of strangers? Chad Grant was angry at Daisy's rudeness and said, “Miss, please watch your manners.” Daisy saw Chad Grant not only wasn't intimidated by what she was saying, but he was defending Rosemary, she felt even more uncomfortable inside. Then she said angrily, “Sir, have you not heard me clearly? She’s married!” Chad Grant was running out of patience as he watched Rosemary went too far. “Miss Daisy Harris, you have publicly slandered your own sister, my sister-in-law, now go home and wait for our lawyer to talk to you!” Chad Grant turned to Rosemary and said, “Are you okay? I'll take you home first!” Rosemary nodded gently, without looking up.

John Sawyer looked after Rosemary's sad back, as if there was something stuck in his heart. Why did he ever fall for a narrow- minded, jealous woman like Daisy? Daisy dropped to her knees in shock at Chad Grant's words.

John Sawyer looked at Daisy on the floor and sighed deeply. “Daisy, let me take you home first!” Daisy came to her senses and her eyes were empty. When she saw John Sawyer, it was like she caught driftwood floating in the ocean.

“John Sawyer, help me! Rosemary said she’s suing me! Well... I'm not going to jail. I'm too young. | don’t want to spend time in prison at such an age.” Daisy was crying like a different girl from the aggressive one.

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John Sawyer knew that under our laws, defamation was not a serious crime, at most a warning. But now Daisy was accusing Rosemary, The Young Mrs. Grant, of having an affair with Chad Grant. If The Grant family made it a big deal, the consequences would be serious.

“Daisy, it's okay. She'll be fine with you. I'll take you home.” John Sawyer walked Daisy toward the gate.

Chad Grant lost his usual smile and scowled. Looking at Rosemary next to him, he felt bad, too. He tried to say something comforting, but he couldn't.

Rosemary sat expressionless in the passenger seat, staring out the window. Tears welled up in her eyes and silently rolled down her cheeks.

Rosemary remembered her years of tolerance, forbearance and compromise at home. She did not expect to get today’s humiliation. Rosemary's cries grew louder.

Watching Rosemary cry, Chad Grant thought about the time before he went back to The Grant family. At that time, he, and now she was the same, was so helpless.

Chad Grant pulled over, gently pulled Rosemary onto his shoulder and let her cry. At least now she had a shoulder to cry on.

On the other side of the road, a luxurious black car was parked there, with a good view of everything on this side.