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Please Come Back, Honey!

Please Come Back, Honey!
200 Chapters
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Please Come Back, Honey!

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    Read Pleasee Back, Honey! by joy. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free herePleasee Back, Honey! by Joy full chapter on . Genre: Rich The story revolves around a woman named Emma Yates, who has been married to Trevor Bateson for three years. The marriage is not a happy one, as Trevor is having an affair with Crystal Sanders, and he doesn't love Emma. When Emma overhears Trevor telling his grandfather that they will never have children, she hides in the bathroom, and Trevor cuts her with a sharp object accidentally. Emma had previously received a message from Crystal, informing her of the affair and insulting her. When Trevor confronts Emma in the bathroom, he accuses her of trying to manipulate him into having children, but Emma denies it. She then asks Trevor if he ever liked her, to which he replies with sarcasm. Emma decides to give up on their marriage and leaves the party early. She realizes that Trevor will never accept her or have children with her, and he will eventually divorce her to be with Crystal, who is pregnant. Emma goes home and goes to bed, where Trevor joins her and they have sex, though it is unclear what their relationship will be in the future. Please follow and read Pleasee Back, Honey! by Joy full chapter on