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No Way Back by Anna Mac

No Way Back by Anna Mac
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No Way Back by Anna Mac

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    Read No Way Back by Anna Mac by Anna Mac. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereNo Way Back by Anna Mac full chapter on . Genre: Romance... The story is about two sisters, Jane and Madelyn Fowler. Madelyn drugs Jane and then stages a fire and a knife attack on herself, making it look like Jane is the culprit. Their parents and brothers rush to Madelyn's aid, and Jack Fowler kicks Jane hard in the stomach, accusing her of being vicious. Jane is left on the floor, feeling a deep pain in her heart, torn apart by the fact that she had once taken a bullet for her father. Jane is surprised to see her face in the mirror appear five years younger than when she died in a fire. She realizes she has been reborn and is given a second chance to live her life differently. She decides not to live for others but to make amends for her past errors and to live for herself. Jane dresses and prepares herself to take on her new life. She returns to her old house, which was the source of her previous pain, but this time she is able to quickly settle in. Her brother Peteres to her door to inform her that their parents want her downstairs. Jane responds to him in a very indifferent way, which surprises him, as he recalls the Jane from before who always sought approval from their family. Please Follow and Read No Way Back by Anna Mac full chapter on