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My Fated Human Luna by TheNich29

Chapter 35
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My Fated Human Luna Chapter 38

38 Verdict

Judge Miranda POV

“After reviewing the petition and listening to the testimony of the witnesses, I am ready to make a

ruling.” “Before I do, I would like to say one thing to you, Mr. Piper.” “I probably won’t have the pleasure

of presiding over your divorce case but bringing a woman that you had extra marital relations with as a

witness seems like poor decision making on you and your lawyer’s part, sir.” I can see he wants to say

something to me but he stays quiet. “In regards to the petition for full custody of Gabrielle Piper by

Gregory Piper is denied.” “You have provided no proof that Gabrielle Piper is in any danger while in her

mother’s care.” “Sabrina Piper will maintain full custody until the divorce proceeding are finalized.” This

time he doesn’t hold his tongue. “This is bulls*t, what are you f**king him to” he says pointing to

Attorney Lyons. “I hope that outburst made you feel better Gregory because it just cost you three nights

in jail for contempt.” “Bailiff take Mr. Piper into custody and make sure his sergeant calls me.” “Yes

judge” he says as he walks to Gregory. He takes Greg through the back for processing, yelling all the

way. “The courtroom is dismissed” I say and Attorney Lane, his witness, and the others leave the room.

I come down off the stand “Attorney Lyons, can you give me a moment to go to my chambers before

you and your client leave?” “Of course, Judge Miranda.” I head into my chambers and remove my robe

before I head back out to the courtroom. When I walk back into the courtroom, Sabrina looks very

confused. I’m wearing a pair of jeans and t-shirt. “Archer and Sabrina, I just wanted to tell you both

congratulations on finding your mates.” The shock on Sabrina’s face makes me laugh. “I take it Archer

didn’t tell you what I am.” “No, he most certainly did not” Sabrina says giving Archer a look. “I knew that

you wouldn’t base your decision on being a wolf so I didn’t want to tell Sabrina until the case was over.”

“You’re absolutely correct I only base my decision on the facts of the case.” “I knew you would see him

for what he is” Archer says. I turn to Sabrina “I’m sorry that you have to deal with that pitiful man, but it

seems the goddess is making up for it with your new mate.” “Yes, she is, thank you.” “Archer, as I said

in the courtroom, I’m not sure who you will get for the divorce proceedings but I’m sure if the bulls*t

from today is any indication of Greg’s behavior any judge should grant the divorce quickly.” “Thank you,

Miranda” he says. “Please tell your brother I said hello.” “I absolutely will, he is away with his Luna right

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now on vacation.” “Which is why I have to get back to the pack.” “Take care, and again


Archer POV

We head outside the courtroom where the girls and Harry are waiting. They rush over hugging Sabrina

and then me. Harry hugs Sabrina before he pulls me into a hug. “Thank you for taking care of my little

girl, Archer.” “You never have to thank me, Harry.” We head for the elevator and outside the building.

Once we start across the parking lot, I turn to see Lilth heading in our direction. For f**k sake this

woman is relentless. Harry must see her at the same time. We both usher Sabrina into the SUV and

shut the door before we turn back to her. “I want to speak to my daughter” she yells. Before I can

speak, Harry does. “You have no daughter and no husband.” “How can you say such a thing to me

after all our years together?” “You know what, Lilth I wish I said it much sooner.” “Stay away from my

family” he points at Sabrina and me. I smile crossing my arms over my chest. “This is not over and you

both are going to be very sorry.” “I wouldn’t get your hopes up Lilth, if one judge sees through your

bulls*t so will another.” “F**k you and you” she says pointing at me and Harry.” “I don’t mean in the

courtroom.” “Careful Lilth threatening an officer of the court can get you a cell next to your a**hole of a

son-in-law.” “You have a lovely day” I say before we get into the SUV.

We head to my office to meet with Megan. When we reach the building, I invite Harry inside. We show

him around and when we reach my floor, I introduce him to Misty my secretary. “Misty, can you

entertain Harry while we meet with Megan when she arrives.” “Of course, Mr. Lyons.” We head into the

office and I pull Sabrina into my arms. “I couldn’t wait another minute to hold you.” “You were amazing

today, do you know that?” “I was thinking that about you Archer.” I pull back and kiss her until we are

both breathless. I take a seat in my chair and pull her onto my lap. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me the

judge was a wolf?” I laugh, “I knew that Greg had no chance of winning and she is a hard a** no matter

human or wolf.” “She is Alpha Bernard’s little sister and honestly I’m more afraid of her than I am of

him.” She laughs “what pack are they from.” “They are from the Midnight Blue pack another of our

allies.” The intercom goes off and Misty lets us know that Megan has arrived. Sabrina takes some deep

breaths and pulls the chair to the side of the desk. I kiss her forehead and take my seat behind the


Sabrina POV

I sit in the chair and a few seconds later the door opens. Megan walks in and Archer tells her to have a

seat. She watches me as she walks to the chair. “Sabrina I’m” I put my hand up to stop her. “As Archer

told you, I don’t need your apology.” “What is done is done.” “I just want to be done with Greg as

quickly as possible and you can help that happen.” She nods and turns back to Archer. “Megan, can

you tell us exactly what happened between you and Greg.” I can see she is apprehensive as she looks

between us. “Megan, I promise you my anger over what happened is completely gone for you.” “About

six months ago Greg approached me at work.” “You work with Greg” I ask. “Yes, I work the switchboard

at the station.” I nod and she continues.

“At first I didn’t even know he was married until I heard his partner ask about you.” “When I confronted

him he said we were just having fun, he was never leaving you for me.” “I was angry and ready to

break it off but he can be very charming.” “Yes, he can, he is a snake.” She nods at me “I hate to admit

it but I fell for him and I wanted him to leave you for me.” I stay quiet but I will never understand how

women can do this to another woman. “When you found the messages, he didn’t even seem that

upset.” “Megan did he break it off with you after Sabrina confronted him about the messages” Archer

asks. “No, he only broke it off after I approached Sabrina at the club.” I can’t help the anger I feel at all

of his deceit. I stand and walk over by the window. “Sabrina, are you alright” Archer asks. “Yes, I just

need a minute.” I take a couple more deep breaths before I take my seat again. “After that, you were

never with Greg again” Archer asks. “No but I did find out from three other girls that work in the station

that I wasn’t the first.” I stand and walk out of the room. How could I have been so stupid? He was

never faithful or loved me from the beginning. I don’t even care about him, so I don’t know why I feel

hurt all over again.

Archer POV

When Sabrina leaves the office, I wish she didn’t have to hear all those things. “Thank you for coming

in Megan, everything you told us is very helpful.” “I will let you know when we will need you to go to

court.” “Greg will be in the courtroom when I have to tell what happened between us right.” “Yes, he

will, is that going to be a problem?” “No, I want to see his face when I tell everyone what a scumbag he

is.” I nod and Megan gets up to leave. I immediately go to find Sabrina. I can hear her in an office

across the hall. “I want to kill that f**king human” Brutus growls in my head. “I do too.”

I open the door and she tries to wipe the tears away like she is hiding them from me. I walk over and

wipe her tears away with my thumbs. “I swear this is not because I care anything about him, Archer.” “I

know that love, I’m not worried that you care for him in anyway.” “I wish I could take back all the pain he

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has caused you.” “Honestly you have, I’m upset with myself for trusting him blindly.” “For believing all

his lies.” “He could have given me some disease or had a baby with someone else and I would have

known nothing until it was too late.” “How could I be so stupid?” “Sabrina you are not stupid, don’t ever

say that again.” I pull her into my arms and hold her. “Some creatures are just evil no matter who

creates them.” “Are you ready to go get our little one?’ “Yes, let’s have a movie night tonight.” “That

sounds perfect love.” We head toward the reception area. I can hear Misty and Harry laughing. “Misty,

we are heading home.” “Are you ready Harry?” “Actually, Harry and I are going to go have a few drinks

before we head back to the pack if it’s ok Alpha?” “You’re a wolf” Harry asks her. “Yes, is that a problem

Harry?” “No, not at all.” Sabrina smiles and squeezes my hand. “Have fun you two, we will see you

back at the pack.”

When we get to the car, I hold the door for Sabrina to get in. Once I’m behind the wheel, I look over at

Sabrina and she looks worried again. “What’s wrong Sabrina?” “If my dad isn’t Misty’s mate he might

get hurt when she finds him if they start dating.” I take her hand. “You don’t need to worry about that

love.” “Misty’s mate was killed about five years ago on a mission for my father.” “Oh my god that’s

terrible.” “She worked in the pack house and was always kind to me as a teenager.” “That’s why when I

started the office in the city, I offered her the secretary position.” “Losing a mate can kill us often times

but she is strong and smart.” “Hearing her with your father today is the first time I’ve really heard her

laugh in a long time.” Sabrina smiles again and I pull the car out into traffic heading back toward our


Thomas POV

“Do you know Fern snapped her neck and now you want me to help you.” “I am not going to end up like

Belinda.” “I thought you were smarter than her.” “If you don’t get caught you won’t end up like her.”

“What do I get out of this deal Alpha?” “You won’t have to be an omega anymore.” “I can give you a

rank in the pack when I’m back in power.” “What rank would you give me?” “If you get me the little girl

you can pick your rank.” “What do you plan on doing with her if I bring her to you?” “I have no intentions

of harming the child if that’s what you’re asking.” “I will be giving her over to her father and

grandmother.” “Fine but if it doesn’t work I will not end up dead for you.” She disconnects the call and

all I can do is wait now.