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My Accidental Husband is a Billionaire

Chapter 530
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Chapter 530 Keira furrowed her brows and looked at Lewis.

She didn't know that Lewis had prepared a wedding dress for her, but since it had been arranged by Lewis, she couldn't give the dress to someone else.

She lowered her gaze, her attitude indifferent. "Sorry, I can't do that.” Peter wasn't surprised by this reaction; after all, no one would want to part with such a thing, as a wedding dress was meant to be kept for life. He was only testing the waters just now.

The other brothers also started chiming in.

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James said, "Peter, you shouldn't have asked. How can Keera give away something like that?" Charles also nodded. "Yeah, wedding dresses are tailor-made, and since Mr. Horton had reserved that shop's most valuable piece early on, it belongs to our sister. Borrowing money is one thing, but a wedding dress? I've never heard of borrowing such a private item." 531 Chapter 530 James coughed. "We could consider lending other things, but definitely not the wedding dress. Kate and I are also getting married soon, and her wedding dress has been in the works for two years... If someone asked for Kate's dress, I'd definitely refuse!" After that, he glanced at Keira, "Of course, our sister is an exception." After all, he was a real sister-complex! The other two brothers also cforward to smooth things over.

"Yeah, Peter, your request is just too much. How could Keera possibly lend it to you?" They looked toward Keira and Lewis, their eyes shining. "Keera, are you going to hold a wedding ceremony with Mr. Horton? When is it? I'll check out the best restaurants and hotels in Clance for you. Just pick one!" "The Olsen family marrying off a daughter is a major event! We must make it grand and glorious! Don't set the wedding date too soon. Give us stto prepare!" "Dight 531 Chapter 530 Growing up, we haven't accumulated many fine things. We're collecting jewelry from all over the country right now, and we'll make sure to give you the best dowry in Clance!" "You guys are real blockheads. I thought of it long ago! When Auntie was pregnant with Peter, I secretly hid a sapphire as big as a pigeon's egg, thinking she might have a girl!" James laughed heartily with his arms akimbo. "None of you can beaton that!" The rest of the brothers were speechless.

Charles immediately becannoyed. "Well played, James. You're so cunning and sly! Guys, can you tolerate this?" As his words fell, everyone gathered around James, and with a signal from Charles, three other brothers cooperated with him and quickly hoisted James up.

Then they aimed him at the nearby staircase pillar and rushed over! James immediately cried out, "Guys, have mercy! Putdown! I'm too old for this! I still need to use that part of my body! Kate is counting onfor her 13:38 3/7 531 Chapter 530 happiness in the bedroom! Stop messing with me!" The brothers were putting on a show to scare him.

They were used to roughhousing since childhood.

The rest of the brothers said, "So, about that pigeon egg-sized gemstone, who's going to give it to Keera?" James quickly corrected himself. “It's from all of us, all of us together!" "That's more like it!" Keira watched the few men with bewildered eyes and suddenly laughed.

The atmosphere in the Olsen family was warm and without so much scheming. The brothers worked together as one, and even during their playful times, the quietest of them all, a doctor, laughed heartily.

She lowered her gaze, suddenly finding her brothers quite endearing.

Peter was also among the playful brothers. After James finished speaking, he turned back and looked at Susan. "Susan, this request is indeed a bit too much. Forget it. Keera shouldn't have hacked your phone, and on her behalf, I apologize to you!" 13:38 4/7 531 Chapter 530 Susan saw the siblings messing around, clearly trying to get her to drop the subject, which pained her.

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She lowered her eyes, turned her head toward Keira, and suddenlyn sighed. "Peter, I know a wedding dress isn't something that can be lent off, but I want to ask one thing..." Peter paused. "Ask away." Susan then looked at Keira. "If it were Mary who cto you to borrow your wedding dress, would you lend it to her?" This question made Keira frown.

If Mary and Ellis were getting married and couldn't find a suitable wedding dress, of course, she would lend hers to Mary! After all, that was Mary...

Back when Mary and Ellis got married, they were in a rush and didn't have the opportunity to customize a they bought a premade one. However, Mary wasn't one to fuss over such things. With salterations, she was satisfied as long as the dress could be worn and looked nize a wedding dress, so the presentable. 13:38 5/7 531 Chapter 530 But Keira knew that Mary, her best friend, would never raise such a request.

Her face darkened, and she remained silent.

Susan then turned to Peter, her eyes tinged slightly red. "Peter, I know I don't mean as much to Keera as

Mary does, and in her heart, your position can't compare to that of Ellis, especially since Ellis knew her first... I'm not trying to make things difficult for Keera with this wedding dress. It's just... My own family isn't wealthy, and if the wedding dress for the ceremony is just something mediocre, people will look down oneven more. I'm afraid you'll have trouble holding your head up high, too. Moreover... During Mr. Horton's birthday banquet, she was very hostile toward me. Today, she even..... She doesn't really consideras a sister-in-law, does she?" o This statement made Peter's expression darken gradually.