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Mr. Ford is Jealous

Chapter 1433
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Chapter 1433

Weston paused, then simply replied, “Okay.”

When he saw her changing into a pair of high heels, he followed her around and asked, “Where are you


“Oh, to a private concert.”

Then she added, “If you’re going to spend the night here tonight, then please take care of Elias and

Emma. But if you have to leave, I’ll ask Roger to come over instead.”

“Don’t worry,” he said. “Just go out and enjoy yourself. I’ll be at home and take good care of the kids.”

Stella paused suddenly, feeling inexplicably weird about what Weston had just said. It sounded like she

was forcing him to stay at home and take care of the kids while

she went out to have fun without a care in the world.

She turned around to look at Weston, feeling like he was acting like a poor neglected housewife.

She shook her head and tried to shake this terrifying thought out of her mind.

When they arrived at the concert, Hayden offered his arm to her like a gentleman. They then walked into

the private concert together, with Stella holding Hayden’s arm.

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Because the concert was filled with music lovers like herself, Stella immensely enjoyed her time there.

Everyone was conversing in a common language, which was music, and she had a lot of fun, though she

did see things she did not like very much.

She had just drank a glass of wine given to her by someone else. She was conversing with another

pianist when she suddenly felt a little dizzy, so she quickly booked a room upstairs because she wanted

to rest there.

Hayden thoughtfully walked her to the room and asked if she needed him to stay there. At that point,

Stella began to feel hot all over, and she realized that something was seriously wrong.

“I think there’s something wrong with the wine I just drank…” she told him.

“What?” Hayden froze. He studied her countenance and realized something. “You probably got the

wrong glass…”

“I’ll report it to the organizer immediately,” he added sullenly.

Stella nodded, then felt a little thirsty.

“I feel a little uncomfortable,” she told him as she swallowed her saliva.

Hayden took a deep breath and asked, “Can you bear it for a little longer?”

Stella said nothing. She closed her eyes. Everything was getting a little blurry now.

It would be a lie to say that Hayden did not feel at least a little bit tempted right now, but the good

upbringing that had been drilled into his mind since childhood warned him that nothing good would come

of it if he took advantage of her now.

If he did end up sleeping with her, even though she was unwilling to, she would only hate him when she

woke up the next day.

And so he rushed out to report what happened to the organizer and then back to the room. But he

stopped at the door and hesitated to go inside.

Now that Stella was under the influence of a drug, he was sure that she would be acting very differently

than usual if he went into the room right now. He was still a man, after all. No matter how strong his self–

control was, he was unsure if he could withstand so much temptation.

He thought about it, then decided to call for a doctor.

Meanwhile, Stella felt like her whole body was baked in an oven. She was so

indescribably thirsty, yet no amount of water could quench her, but it only worked to stoke the fire and

made her thirst worse.

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She closed her eyes and tore the clothes into pieces, yet nothing she did relieve her from the burning

heat at all.

She walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. As the cold water rained down on her, she

managed to calm down a little, but it still did nothing to suppress the burning desire that was roiling inside



She heard a loud noise coming from the hallway. It sounded like a brawl was going

on outside.

Soon afterward, the door was kicked open, and she could hear the sound of rushing footsteps

approaching. The next moment, she looked up and saw someone opening the bathroom door and

barging in.

It was Weston. He walked up to her and stood there with a gloomy face. His eyes shone with fiery anger,

but the fire instantly extinguished as soon as he looked into her moist watery eyes.

All that was left was a complex and inscrutable mix of convoluted feelings.

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