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Living With My Lady Boss by Blue Silver

Chapter 598
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Chapter 598 Wilbur smiled to be polite, but Xaron did not return the smile. He frowned and asked, "Mister Penn, right? Do you know that Miss Yves is Mister Yaegar's fiancee?" "I don't," Wilbur replied nonchalantly.

Xaron frowned and said, "Well, you know now. Get out of here immediately or you'll suffer a horrible death." Two bodyguards in black suits quietly appeared next to him while he spoke, glaring at Wilbur all the while.

Wilbur glanced at them, then back at Xaron, saying slowly, "Those who dare talk to me like that don't end well. | suggest you reconsider before

speaking again." "He's my boyfriend, Mister Clark.

Don't you think you're crossing the line here?" Faye asked angrily.

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Xaron simply smiled and said, "I'm sorry, Miss Yves. I didn't mean to disrespect you, but you should know that your grandfather has agreed to your engagement with Mister Yaegar, yet you're dining at a hotel with a random man. This will only make it difficult for you to face your family if news gets out. Furthermore, it'll be embarrassing for Mister Yaegar too." "I'm not going to be engaged to Mister Yaegar, so you don't need to worry about that, Mister Clark," she said politely.

Xaron shook his head. "You know who

Mister Yaegar is. He always gets what | he wants, and he won't allow mistakes.

[only meddled in this affair because I | ran into you. I'm asking him to leave safely for your sake. You shouldn't be angry at your family. Many girls dream of marrying Mister Yaegar. It's not an insult to the Yveses." Xaron was being polite, as he thought that the Yveses were lucky to be involved with the Yaegars.

"I have a boyfriend, and I'm bringing him home tomorrow to meet my grandfather. I won't be meeting Mister Yaegar," said Faye with determination.

Xaron instantly frowned when he heard that. He turned to order his men after a moment, "Inform the owner to clear the venue. I'll bear all the

costs." "Yes, sir," one of the bodyguards walked to look for the restaurant. | Soon, a middle-aged man and a few managers started to ask the customers to leave. Some of the customers were unhappy, but they immediately left after they heard about Xaron Clark.

Only Wilbur, Faye, Xaron, and his men | | were left in the restaurant.

It was a five-star hotel, thus the decorations were grand and fanciful.

The restaurant only catered to the rich.

Naturally, the owner of the restaurant was also one of rather high social standing.

However, he had to comply with any requests from Xaron, even if it affected his business. That showed how much influence Xaron held in Eagle City. i

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Wr TV OUNUS Xaron said slowly after the restaurant was cleared, "Miss Yves, I didn't resort to violence because of you and Mister Yaegar. Things could get ugly if you keep insisting otherwise. You should know that Mister Yaegar can't afford to have any scandals." "Mister Clark, can you mind your business? Besides, my relationship with Mister Yaegar has nothing to do with you, right?" asked Faye.

Xaron smiled and asked, "Don't you know? Each family and every businessman in Eagle City have to protect, respect, and defend Mister Yaegar's reputation. We can't possibly let him suffer a negative scandal. It's common knowledge. I heard you're the CEO of a major enterprise, so you should know that, right?"

Frankly, he was telling the truth, No one dared to disrespect Faron Campbell in Seechertown. His status and reputation had to be respected.

Insulting Faron would be like insulting Orin Campbell. No one in Kardon Province could afford to offend Orin.

It was the same in Eagle City. Mister Yaegar was not inferior to Faron, his status might be superior.

It was reasonable for Xaron to defend Mister Yaegar.

Wilbur frowned and said, "I'm not against it if you want to butter up to Mister Yaegar, but you can't afford to speak rudely toward Faye." "You're outrageous! Get out of here immediately or suffer the

i consequences!" Xaron yelled, The bodyguards stood beside Wilbur as Xaron spoke. They were ready to attack.

Faye wanted to talk them out of it, but Wilbur yelled coldly before she could speak, "Are you trying to die?"