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I Love You, Miss Genius

Chapter 718
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"Bonnie, I'm delighted you're considerate of me, but you shouldn't make such sacrifices, even for me. I'd rather endure my pain alone than watch you suffer. Promisethat you won't hesitate to do what you want if you encounter any issues concerning me." Ivor's sincere words filled Bonnie's heart with warmth. She smiled and held his hand protectively. "I understand. Don't worry. I'll never put myself in harm's way without reason." "That's good." Ivor stared at her and then kissed her red lips.

Bonnie blushed when she felt his lips on hers. She looked more attractive then, and Ivor could not control himself. He kissed her cheek, released her hand, and stepped back, saying, "Uh, you should return to your room first. I'll stay here and calm down." Bonnie noticed something and glanced at Ivor's lower half. Seeing his expected response, she smiled and said, "Since you can't control yourself, should I give you several shots to keep you from having improper thoughts?" That was the second tBonnie had said something like that. Ivor feared she might do it and numb his feelings. He said, "Honey, you shouldn't joke about such things. Any man would feel impulsive when he's with the person he loves. If not, it means he doesn't love her enough." Bonnie noticed his nervousness, and her smile becmore pronounced. She reassured him with a laugh, saying, "Fine, I was just kidding. I'll leave now." Ivor sighed in relief and smiled helplessly.

The following day, Bonnie went to the research institute and saw Toby running to her with a report. "Ms. Bonita, there's sdata here that I don't quite understand. Can you help me?" Bonnie glanced at the report and concluded, "There are two errors here, and the distribution map is incorrect, too." "Wait, what? How's that possible?" Toby's eyes widened in shock. "I painstakingly prepared this data. How did I make mistakes?" SEARCH the Findwebsite on Gøøgle to access chapters of early and in the highest quality.

'I've worked hard on this for so long, yet I still made mistakes. Gah, I can't accept it!' "Don't worry too much." Bonnie did not want to discuss it in the hallway, so she walked ahead and said, "Let's go to my office. I'll point out your mistakes and redraw the distribution map for you. Then, you can see where you went wrong."

"Thank you so much, Ms. Bonita!" Toby was eager to learn sch@ M followed Bonnie with his report.

When they reached the office, Bonnie took Toby's report and outlined his mistakes in just a few seconds before redrawing his distribution map.

After seeing the new map, Toby felt enlightened. "So I missed a step, causing the data to deviate I asked several professors for help, but even they couldn't find the problem. Of course, you saw it at a glance. You're amazing, as always, Ms. Bonita!" X