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Forensic Imperial Concubine by Erika Black

Chapter 31
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After coming out of the Splendor House, Hailey saw Harper standing outside with her maids. When

Harper spotted her, she

smiled softly, looking as charming as ever.

"Hailey, you're back."

"Long time no see, Harper. You're looking more beautiful than ever."

Harper smiled, waving her hand. "You're the one who's gotten even more beautiful. You've taken to the

Imperial Academy of

Medicine like a duck to water, I assume."

"The imperial physicians are very kind to me." There was a touch of sarcasm in Hailey's voice. After all,

when Harper was in the

Imperial Academy of Medicine, people didn't like her. Now that Hailey had mingled well with the people

who had once disliked

Harper, she guessed that this would upset Harper more than ever.

"Congratulations then." There was no trace of jealousy on Harper's face as she smiled sincerely at

Hailey, but Hailey didn't

believe it one bit. She knew deep inside that Harper must be fuming after she took over her position.

Hailey took a box from her maid and handed it to Harper. "I was told you were beaten. A woman's

appearance is most integral,

so it's best not to have any scars on your body. This Skin-smoothing Cream is specially made by the

Imperial Academy of

Medicine. It's only offered to the ladies in the Imperial Palace. It's my gift for you."

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Without the slightest bit of bitterness, Harper took it from her hands. "Thank you. You just came from

Felicia's house, didn't you?

How is she? Mother said she got a severe case of rash from her allergies. Has she recovered?"

"She will in a few days." Hailey's voice was soft, similar to a lullaby or the light wind. It was impossible

to be angry at her. Any

man who heard her voice would soften up, even after a day's battle. "Your voice has always been so

soothing. If I were a man, I'd propose to you right now." Harper giggled, covering her mouth. Hailey

didn't seem affected by the compliments. Instead, she couldn't help but stare at Harper curiously.

Harper had always been impulsive. Whenever she was being provoked, she was like a bull with no

thoughts on collateral damage. This time, no matter what Hailey threw at her, Harper was just eating it

all up, indifferent to her words. She wasn't a foolish and jealous girl anymore. "I heard that Felicia and

His Highness's wedding has finally been agreed upon. When Felicia comes of age, they'll be holding

the wedding ceremony," Hailey sighed, shaking her head. "You were the one who were supposed to

marry His Highness. Don't be too sad about it, Harper. His Highness will marry Felicia, so it's still an

honor to our clan."

"Yes, you are right." Harper nodded in agreement. "They truly do make a great couple. I wish them a

happy life." Hailey was even more confused now. Back then, she had seen how much Harper liked

Hansen. Wherever Hansen went, she wasn't far behind. If a woman dared to try and flirt with him,

Harper would scold her or even slap her in the face. Yet now, even with him calling off the engagement

and proposing to Felicia instead, it seemed as if Harper had finally moved on from the man. "You're not


"Why would I be?" Harper cocked up an eyebrow and took Hailey's arm. "We're sisters. It seems

pointless to fight over a man

and turn against our own blood.

Come, Hailey, you rarely visit us, and you should go to Grandma first. She was ecstatic when she

heard your return, and Mother

asked the cook to prepare all your favorite dishes."

"That's true. Let's go to her." Hailey leaned in close to her sister. Seeing the two holding each other,

people would think they

were the poster children for sibling love, not two cobras waiting for each other to strike.

Hailey went to the Peony House to pay respects to Mavis. When Charles finally came home, the whole

clan finally gathered to have lunch together. Given that one of her granddaughters had returned, Mavis

was over the moon, eating more to her family's delight. Harper had ordered the cook to make a bowl of

hawthorn berries soup for Mavis, which was said to be good for her digestion. "That's so kind of you,

Harper, cooking some soup specially for Grandma," Hailey gushed. "Even I couldn't help but feel


to how kind you are to Grandma."

Mavis smiled at Harper with satisfaction.

Harper chuckled. "The cook has also prepared soup for everyone. It's just that Grandma's too old to eat

this much food like the

rest of us, so I asked the maid to serve her first. I didn't expect that you'd want the soup too, with all the

delicious food in the

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Imperial Palace. If others heard you, they'd think that Father and Mother have starved you." Though

she tried to make her voice

as light as possible, similar to a joke, the meaning behind it wasn't as good as some might think.

At the same time, Sue and Charles turned bright red in embarrassment. Hailey had always been their

sensible child. How could

she act so inappropriately today?

"I didn't mean it like that. It's just that I haven't eaten your hawthorn berries soup, so I would love to try

it," Hailey calmly

answered. "Though the delicacies in the Imperial Palace are the best in the world, I'm just a physician. I

can't compare with the

ladies in the Imperial Palace. Lady Chloe is pregnant, and since no princes and princesses have yet to

be born in the Imperial

Palace for years, His Majesty values her so much. I'm only allowed to take three days off."

"Hailey, you must be tired." Harper remained smiling. To her, it was good news that Chloe was

pregnant. "You're taking care of

Lady Chloe?"

"Yes. She asked me to take care of you, so I had no choice but to agree to her request." Hailey looked

modest, but her tone said

otherwise. Though Harper might have better medical skills than Hailey, she still wouldn't be asked to

take care of the pregnant

ladies in the Imperial Palace. Plus, now that Hailey was there, she'd have more opportunities to bump

into the crown prince,

which was her goal in the first place.