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Flirting With My Ex-Husband

Chapter 14
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Chapter 14

Scarlett saw that there were more and more people around them. She was afraid that Alexis would be trending tomorrow and be blackmailed by people, hence she reached out to tug at her. “She doesn’t mean anything, let’s go.”

Alexis looked at Julie and snorted, then she followed Scarlett out of the showroom.

This was Tiffany’s second time being slapped in the face by someone tonight. She was truly mad. “Alexis, do you know how scheming and gold-digging the woman next to you is? Everyone in Juanton knows she married my older brother back then for our family’s money!”

Alexis almost raged when she heard that, but Scarlett looked at her and signaled her not to speak. “Stand here and wait for me.”

Following that, Scarlett turned around and walked to the front of Tiffany. “Let me ask you a question, Miss Shaw.”

Tiffany looked disdainfully at Scarlett. “You’re so bad at changing the topic!”

Scarlett raised her eyebrow and asked, “Are you close to your older brother?”

Tiffany was suddenly stunned for a while. Not waiting for her to answer, Scarlett added neither hurried nor slow, “If you’re close, you can’t possibly not know that I didn’t ask for a single penny when I divorced him.”

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She looked at Tiffany, and the smile on her face faded away. A hint of coldness could be seen in her peach blossom eyes. She spoke word by word and was not loud, but everyone around them heard her clearly.

Once Scarlett finished, she turned around and left.

As everyone knew, though Tiffany and Raymond were born from the same parents, Jean left with a sum of money from the Shaw family and divorced Raymond’s dad when he was three years old. Later on, Jean had an affair with Raymond’s dad and gave birth to Tiffany and Thomas.

As such, Raymond and Tiffany did not really have any sibling love between them.

Scarlett’s light words cleared her name and also mocked Tiffany.

She left right after she finished. It was simply too awesome!

“Lettie, you’re too amazing!”

Alexis watched as Scarlett walked over, and she gave her a thumbs-up while nobody was paying attention.

She brought Scarlett to the open-air area. There was almost nobody here, and she flattered her again.

Just as Alexis wanted to say something, Nicole called her. She was instantly dispirited. “Elder Sister Nicole is looking for me. The brand’s investors are here, so I’ll have to start working. You can leave if you find this boring!”

In any case, she had achieved her goal of bringing Scarlett here today to slap someone in the face. She naturally could not bear letting the beauty continue to stay here alone.

The brand’s investors could not be offended. While Alexis was quite self-willed, she still handled this kind of thing sensibly.

With that, she waved and lifted her dress as she walked back.

Scarlett smiled as she watched Alexis leave.

There were not many people here, but drinks and snacks were served. Scarlett looked at the sun lounger by the swimming pool not far away, then she raised her eyebrow and walked over.

She was wearing a pair of lace-up heels today, and her legs were tired from standing for nearly an hour. Since not many people came outside, it was the perfect place for her to take a break.

There were bright red lights inside the french casements. Scarlett sat on a sun lounger and was lost in thought as she looked at the sparkling water of the swimming pool in front of her.

“Miss Reed.”

Julie had unknowingly walked out. Scarlett looked up at her and stood up from the sun lounger. “Can I help you, Miss Woods?”

“Miss, Reed, you’re really something. I thought you didn’t mind when I sent you the photos back then. I didn’t expect you to keep it as a big trick up your sleeve.”

Scarlett raised her eyebrow. “So? Did you come to denounce me for my crime, Miss Woods?”

“I dare not.”

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Julie looked at Scarlett in front of her. She recalled what Raymond’s secretary told her that day, and the smile on her face gradually faded away.

“Oh, since there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave first.”

As Scarlett spoke, she curled her lips at Julie and lifted her legs to walk back into the meeting hall.


Scarlett looked down at her wrist, which had been grabbed. She frowned and asked indifferently, “Do you have something else to say?”

“How about we make a bet, Scarlett?”

“What are we betting on?”

“Let’s bet if Raymond will save you or me if we both fall into the water.”

Scarlett followed Julie’s gaze and looked over. She realized that Raymond was looking at them from the side of the French casements.

“Oh no, Raymond and I are divorced. You don’t need to treat me as an enemy anymore, Miss Woods.”

Raymond could not see Julie’s expression from this angle, so she sneered. She tightened her grip on Scarlett’s hand and planned to pull her into the pool with her. “This isn’t up to you, Scarlett. I— Ah—”

Before Julie could finish, Scarlett had raised her leg to kick her.