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Eight Uncles' Beloved Treasure (Lily)

Eight Uncles' Beloved Treasure (Lily)
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Eight Uncles' Beloved Treasure (Lily)

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    Read Eight Uncles' Beloved Treasure (Lily) by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereEight Uncles' Beloved Treasure (Lily) full online free at . Genre: Romance Chapter 1 of the story is titled "Don't Get Up Until You Apologize." The chapter takes place in Lambridge City, at the Hatcher Mansion during the Lantern festival. The Hatcher family is preparing for the festival, with colorful lights decorating the house. Suddenly, a woman named Debbie falls down the stairs, crying out in pain and mentioning her unborn baby. Everyone rushes to her aid, and it is revealed that a three-year-old girl named Lilly was standing at the top of the stairs when the incident occurred. Lilly denies pushing Debbie and insists that it wasn't her fault, but Debbie defends her, saying that Lilly is still young and didn't mean it. However, Stephen Hatcher, the president of the Ador Hatcher Corporation, blames Lilly and orders her to be locked in the attic until he returns. Debbie is taken to the hospital, and Lilly is left alone in the cold and dark attic. Time passes, and Lilly is neglected, hungry, and freezing in the attic. She recalls her mother's death and her father's new wife, who mistreats her. Eventually, Stephen returns, furious with Lilly. He drags her outside and berates her for supposedly causing her stepmother's miscarriage. He beats her with a broomstick until she falls unconscious in the snow. Stephen leaves Lilly there, instructing her to stay until her stepmother is discharged from the hospital. In her near-death state, Lilly hears a voice telling her to call her uncle, Gilbert Crawford, and provides his phone number. She manages to crawl to Stephen's phone in the snow and make the call. Meanwhile, Hugh Crawford, the head of the Crawford family, lectures his sons about various matters. The conversation shifts to their missing sister, Jean, who had leukemia and disappeared four years ago. Gilbert, who was responsible for Jean's treatment, feels immense guilt over her disappearance. The entire Crawford family is burdened by Jean's absence, with various members suffering from health issues and emotional turmoil. As they discuss Jean, Gilbert's phone rings, interrupting their conversation. Read Eight Uncles' Beloved Treasure (Lily) full online free at

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