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Cupid’s Arrow Hit On Me by Mr. Adeel

Cupid’s Arrow Hit On Me by Mr. Adeel
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Cupid’s Arrow Hit On Me by Mr. Adeel

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    Read Cupid’s Arrow Hit On Me by Mr. Adeel by Mr. Adeel. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereCupid’s Arrow Hit On Me by Mr. Adeel full episode at . Genre: Billionaire In October, Wiltspoon experiences hot weather, but the mornings and evenings are more pleasant due to the autumn breeze. Serenity Hunt decides to move out of her sister's place after overhearing her brother-in-lawplain about their living arrangement. She realizes that the only way to ease her sister's concerns and find a new place to live is by getting married. Serenity accepts Grandma May's offer to marry her grandson, Zachary York, whom she has never met. When Serenity arrives at City Hall, she is greeted by Grandma May and a distant and aloof-looking Zachary. Serenity had expected him to be unattractive but is surprised to find him attractive and confident. She notices that they are not too different economically, as she runs a bookshop and sells knick-knacks online, earning a steady ie. Grandma May vouches for Zachary's character, describing him as attentive and considerate despite his standoffish demeanor. After an icy introduction, Serenity and Zachary proceed with the marriage paperwork. Serenity is relieved to know that she will be moving into a house owned by Zachary after the marriage, which will appease her sister and end the arguments at home. Zachary, however, makes it clear to Serenity that she can back out if she doesn't want to go through with the marriage. He doesn't intend to marry someone he has just met. Read Cupid’s Arrow Hit On Me by Mr. Adeel

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