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Beyond the Divorce by Third Blossom

Chapter 532 Pushed Into Waters
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Chapter 532 Pushed Into the Waters I instinctively screamed as I fell. It felt like a scene from a recurring nightmare, where darkness consumed me.

With a loud splash, I instantly felt suffocated. I was swallowed whole by icy seawater, with no way out.

I didn't know how to swim. I thrashed desperately, but my body continued its descent.

Then, a powerful arm wrapped tightly around me, pushing me upward.

Amid the prolonged darkness and silence, I thought someone was calling my name.


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"Chlo!" When I woke up, I was in Atlas's arms, and his face was filled with worry.

Seeing me move, he asked urgently, ""Chlo, how do you feel? Is anything hurting?" "Cold..." My lips trembled. I clung tightly to him, shivering from the seawater's coldness.

Atlas tightened the coat around me, lifting me gently. He then instructed someone nearby, "Get a doctor to the room!" He carried me past the crowd up to our room.

Once inside, he quickly undressed me and rinsed me with warm water. He settled me on the bed, wrapping me in

blankets. "Better now?" Tears welled up in my eyes, and | nodded. "Much better!" He held me close, planting a kiss on my forehead. "I'm so sorry. I should've been more vigilant." "Who saved me?" I choked out, "Atlas, it was so dark...so cold. I thought I'd never see you again." "Thank goodness Ivanna followed you.

Grayson got there just in time," he told me in a soft voice, but his eyes showed a storm of feelings.

I felt a sharp pain in my head all of a sudden. I instinctively cradled my head, feeling memories flood my mind.

I let out a terrifying scream.

Atlas held me tightly. "Chlo, Chlo!"

Gasping for breath, I sat up and threw myself into his arms.

"It was so dark. I didn't get a good look at her face, but I'm sure it was a woman!" I still trembled with fear.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. Atlas quickly dressed me in pajamas and went to answer it. [twas a doctor from the ship.

After the examination, the doctor informed us that I had extensive bruising around my waist. must have hit the railing before falling.

Thankfully, my lungs were cleared of seawater, and I didn’t have other injuries. With some rest, I would recover.

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In anger, Arthur began a covert investigation.

Mia hurried to our room. Alongside Ivanna, they took charge of looking after me while Atlas went to handle the matter personally.

I looked at Ivanna and inquired, "How did you know I fell?" Tears glistened in her eyes. "Don't even mention it. I was waiting for you on the third floor. When I was about to climb the deck, I saw a figure fall, screaming loudly. I ran to the railing and looked down. That's when I saw you hit the water." As she recounted, she held my hand as if afraid I might slip away again.

"I wasn't sure it was you at first, so shouted, 'Someone fell into the water,’ and raced to the fourth floor.

Thankfully, some young people in the lounge joined in shouting. Grayson was

the first to arrive. A few others went down, too, but I lost track after that "When I got to the top, I couldn't find you. I knew it had to be you. Then I went to find Atlas in the central hall!" Ivanna was still horrified. "Did you see who pushed you?" "They are incredibly bold!” Mia's face was cold and stern.

As the three of us discussed, we heard a furious roar from outside. It sounded like Atlas was enraged.

Mia informed me that it was the steward who delivered the message.

I struggled to sit up. "I'll go see what's happening!" "Are you sure?" Ivanna looked at me

with concern.

"I'm fine!" I nodded firmly. "I need to know what happened!" Ivanna dramatically wrapped me in a blanket, and I headed to the living room, where I found a steward trembling with fear.