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Betrayed by My Beta Mate by TheNich29

Betrayed by My Beta Mate by TheNich29
132 Chapters
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Betrayed by My Beta Mate by TheNich29

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    Read Betrayed by My Beta Mate by TheNich29 by TheNich29. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereBetrayed by My Beta Mate by TheNich29 full chapter at . Genrre: Werewolf the protagonist, Atlas, goes to his office, making sure no one sees him. He carries Freya's body to Elias's office and places her on the floor. Atlas then inflicts multiple stab wounds on Elias's chest, ensuring they are at Freya's height to avoid suspicion. He places a dagger in one of the wounds to make it appear as though she stabbed Elias one last time. Atlas covers both Freya and himself in blood, mimicking snapping Freya's neck again. Silas, one of the warriors, questions Atlas's acting abilities, but Atlas dismisses him. Suddenly, warriors burst into the room. Atlas stands with bloodied hands, Freya's body at his feet, and pretends to be shocked. Neal, the head warrior, approaches and asks what happened. Atlas claims that Freya killed Elias and expresses disbelief and grief over the loss of his brother. Neal tries to console him and urges him to be strong for the pack, as Atlas is now the Alpha. However, Atlas is more concerned about finding his mate, Amelia, and fears that Freya may have harmed or influenced her. Atlas orders the preparation of Elias's burial and sets out to find Amelia. The narrative then switches to Amelia's point of view. She drives away from the pack, distraught over Atlas's betrayal and the pain he caused her during her pregnancy. Amelia plans to find safety in a human city and live a peaceful life away from wolf packs. She calls her mother to inform her about Atlas's infidelity and the reasons behind her departure. Amelia assures her mother that she will contact her again but doesn't disclose her current location. She arrives at a hotel and interacts with a friendly receptionist named Lily. After settling into her room, Amelia takes a shower and decides to rest. The perspective shifts back to Atlas, who visits Amelia's parents in search of her whereabouts. Linda, Amelia's mother, confronts him with anger, believing Amelia's account of his affair with Freya. Atlas vehemently denies the allegations and explains that Freya manipulated the situation, leading to Elias's death. John, Amelia's father, joins the conversation, and they discuss the urgency of finding Amelia and clearing up the misunderstandings. Atlas assures them that he would never betray Amelia and promises to do everything in his power to bring her back. Atlas returns to the pack house and plans to utilize the pack's resources to locate Amelia. He intends to contact surrounding Alphas and search neighboring human cities. Atlas is determined to find her and make her understand the truth. He sees his rise to Alpha as an opportunity to be a better leader and achieve the perfect life he believes he deserves, with Amelia as his Luna. Read Betrayed by My Beta Mate by TheNich29 full chapter at