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Begging For A Reconciliation

Begging For A Reconciliation
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Begging For A Reconciliation

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    Read Begging For A Reconciliation by . Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereBegging For A Reconciliation by full chapter. Genre: Romance. Leah Murray is a married pregnant woman who suffers from a recurring nightmare. Her husband, Han Howard, arrives home drunk and coldly informs her that his mistress, Molly Lamere, ising to stay and that Leah needs to leave. Leah questions Han's request, and he tells her to have an abortion and leave. Leah is devastated and wonders why Han married her in the first place. While preparing lunch, Leah isforted by Han's half-sibling, Shyanne Howard. Leah agrees to make Shyanne's favourite pumpkin soup but finds that the rocks in the garden have been moved. The conversation between Han and Shyanne reveals that they have a personal vendetta against Leah and her family, and that Leah's pregnancy was an unexpected development that they allowed to happen despite their hostility towards her. Han appears to be a cold and ruthless man, who is more concerned with achieving his own goals than with the well-being of others. He also seems to have aplicated relationship with Shyanne, who is both his partner in business and his confidante in personal matters. Despite his initial dismissive attitude towards Leah's pregnancy, it is unclear whether he truly feels no emotional attachment to the child or whether he is simply trying to maintain a façade of indifference. The tension between Han and Leah suggests that their relationship is irreparably damaged, and that Leah has resigned herself to the fact that she will never be able to change Han's mind about their situation. Please follow and read Begging For A Reconciliation by