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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper

Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper
314 Chapters
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Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper

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    Read Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper by Aubrey Pepper. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereRead Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper. Genre: Werewolf...Alpha King’s Lost Luna pdf free download. Artist: Cassandra Keller and Marley The story revolves around Cassandra, who had a tragic past involving the Wegalla Empire. She is being held captive and mistreated by soldiers who serve King Asher. Cassandra pleads to see Asher, revealing that she is pregnant with his child, but the soldiers administer a mysterious liquid to her and lock her in a room that catches fire. The narrative then shifts to a different setting and time, where Cassandra, now living as a healer in the Wild Crawler Pack, reflects on her lost ability to shift into a wolf form and her changed life after a deadly incident. She is apanied by her assistant, Marley, and the two run a clinic in the pack. The pack is preparing for an annual hunting festival, and Cassandra, unable to shift, feels a sense of longing and loneliness. As the story unfolds, Cassandra and Marley attend to patients in their clinic, and a mysterious sickness is affecting the Wild Crawler Pack. Meanwhile, Cassandra is summoned urgently by Jasper, one of the Alpha's guards, to attend to a prestigious guest from Anemond, the capital of the Wegalla Empire. The guest has been bitten by a viper, and Cassandra is needed for immediate medical attention. The mention of Anemond triggers painful memories for Cassandra, revealing aplex and traumatic history tied to her birthplace... Read Alpha King’s Lost Luna by Aubrey Pepper .