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Accepting My Twin Mates by Unwise Owl

Accepting My Twin Mates by Unwise Owl
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Accepting My Twin Mates by Unwise Owl

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    Read Accepting My Twin Mates by Unwise Owl by Unwise Owl. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereAccepting My Twin Mates by Unwise Owl full chapter. Genrre: Werewolf   Evie, the protagonist of the story, wakes up feeling reluctant to start the day. She lives in the Two Moons pack and is a werewolf without a wolf. She recalls an incident from her past involving the Alpha heirs, Astennu and Badru, who had hurt her in different ways. Despite their mistreatment, she finds them attractive but hates herself for it. Evie gets ready and meets her friend Lucy, who has been experiencing health issues since her first shift as a werewolf. They head to the pack kitchens where they work, but Evie is late and faces the wrath of Janet, the head housekeeper. Janet assigns Evie to serve breakfast and wash dishes as punishment for her tardiness. Lucy tries to defend Evie but is dismissed by Janet. The two friends continue their work as the breakfast rush begins. excerpt from a story that follows a character named Evie. Evie is a member of the Two Moons pack and works in the pack's kitchen. In the scene, Evie has a confrontation with her supervisor, Janet, who scolds her for notpleting a task. Frustrated, Evie retaliates by refusing to clean up and storms off to the washroom to clean herself up. To her surprise, no onees after her, and her friend Lucy joins her in the bathroom. They share a laugh before Lucy informs Evie that the Luna (pack leader) wants to see them. Lucy and Evie go to the kitchen where they meet Luna Qamar, a regal and beautiful woman. Luna Qamar informs them that their Alphas (Alpha Isaac and Luna Qamar's sons) will be returning home soon, and they plan to throw them a wee home and belated birthday party. Lucy is tasked with planning the menu for the party, and Evie is asked to play the piano during the event. The Luna reminds Evie not to repeat a previous incident where she embarrassed the pack with her choice of music. After the Luna leaves, Lucy and Evie discuss the uing party and menu options. Evie reflects on her own feelings of being a rogue and not having anyone to protect her. She also acknowledges her failure to shift into a wolf and the disappointment it has caused her Alpha and Luna. Lucy and Evie continue discussing the menu, with Lucy being a talented baker who dreams of attending culinary school. The excerpt ends with Evie hoping that the uing party will help distract her from her feelings for the Alpha's sons and their constant presence in her mind.