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A Matter of Wife and Love by Mila

A Matter of Wife and Love by Mila
412 Chapters
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A Matter of Wife and Love by Mila

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    Read A Matter of Wife and Love by Mila by Mila. Genre: Chinese s. Read the full online for free hereA Matter of Wife and Love by Mila full chapter at . Genre: Romance   Amelie Dillion desperately pleads with her husband, Leo Alston, to go home with her on their wedding anniversary, but he coldly rejects her. Amelie, feeling defeated, sets a deadline for herself to let go of their relationship. However, she discovers a photo of Leo cheating on her, which pushes her to make the decision to divorce him. She confronts Leo, who initially dismisses her, but she stands her ground and insists on getting a divorce. The next day, Amelie waits for Leo at the Civil Affairs Bureau, but he doesn't show up. She later finds him with his sweetheart and confronts him again. Leo makes excuses and avoids the divorce proceedings. Amelie, determined to end things, texts him and schedules another meeting. Finally, they sign the divorce papers, but there is a cooling-off period before they can obtain the divorce certificate. Amelie reluctantly accepts the situation and calls for a ride, announcing that she is divorced. Read A Matter of Wife and Love by Mila