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A CEO's Revenge Marriage Accidentally in Love

Chapter 31
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Chapter 31


I received a worrying phone call earlier. I’m supposed to be picking something to wear for

my date with Hannah, but now I can’t focus. Not with this growing knot in my belly.

Ford Hotels have built two new hotels in Europe, and its tradition that the CEO(me) visits all

hotels before their grand opening and gives special training to my employees.

It’s a tradition I started so that our concept and goal stay within the company. When newly

hired people get to meet me, their morale is usually raised.

So normally, this trip would be seen as something fun. I love traveling, but the thought of

being away from Hannah doesn’t sit right with me. She has college, and I wouldn’t have

much time for her if I brought her with me anyway. It’s better if she stays…

But six weeks without her? How can I handle three weeks in Sweden and then three weeks

in Spain while knowing she is at home alone? It’s still two weeks before I leave, but… time

passes quickly.

I fix my tie and leave the bedroom. Hannah is curling her blonde hair outside in the corridor.

She smiles at me in the mirror as I stalk toward her. Her white dress hugs her in all the right

places, and I put my arms around her waist, inhaling the scent of perfume on her neck.

“You smell like a flower,” my head is already filling with bad thoughts. The more I inhale her,

the stronger the urge to stay home.

“It’s a new perfume.”

“I love it.”

“I’m wearing new underwear too… bought with your credit card…”

“What color?” I ask.

“Your favorite-red.” Her tone is teasing.

“Oh, I like that color a lot on you…” my cock agrees. It took him about three seconds before

he joined this conversation.

“Mhm, that’s why I picked red underwear… It’s a g-string and more comfortable than I


I stifle a groan and press my lips against the side of her head, murmuring right underneath

her ear. “Perhaps we should stay home instead. Undressing you sounds like a good idea.”

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She giggles and tilts her head to give me better access to her neck. I kiss her there while

my hands skim down her sides. She is a cute little thing, and I don’t know how I will survive

more than a month without her. My cock is going to hate me…

Perhaps I can skip that business trip?

“I’m not against staying home with you,” Hannah admits, and her cheeks turn a little pink.

She looks up at me with her doe eyes, smiling softly. “But you must shave your face-I can’t

stand those little whiskers when you kiss me! It tickles way too much!”

“Tickles? When I do this?” I teasingly drag my face up and down the sensitive skin on her

neck, holding her so she can’t escape. Hannah snorts and then laughs in agony, trying but

failing to pull away. My smile only grows. “Ah, a new scratch pole… it feels so nice…”

Hannah laughs out loud. “You big oaf, stop doing that!”

I can’t help but play with her even more after she calls me a big oaf. I drag my stubble

against her like a cat begging for attention, and she laughs and laughs at me.

I’m having good fun, but pause my shenanigans once her phone chimes. Hannah freezes,

too, and glares at the device with narrowed eyes. She doesn’t seem happy…

“It must be my mom again…”

“You sure?”

“Mhm, she has been bothering me this entire day.”

I kiss the top of Hannah’s head. Keeping my lips and hands away from her for more than

three seconds is hard when I know I will be gone in two weeks. Every second counts now.

Though, I can’t tell Hannah about my work journey tonight. I will do it tomorrow. I don’t

want her to be sad during our dinner, and I know she would be devastated and not enjoy

her food if she knew.

“What does your mom want?” I ask, choosing to focus on another problem at hand: her


“She wants us to hold a dinner for her. I haven’t responded to that, and I’m half terrified she

will randomly pop up any day now since I’m ignoring her…” Hannah sighs heavily. Her mom

always manages to give her negative emotions.

“Hmm, if you really don’t want them in your life, we could invite them to dinner, and I could

scare them away?”

She laughs. “How would you scare them away?”

I kiss her cheek and deadpan. “By being myself.”

Hannah laughs louder at that, and my heart swells. Life is good when my wife is happy, and

I’m proud to have made her lips curl. She turns around to hug me, burying her face into my


“You’re amazing… you know that, right?”

My fingers are in her soft hair, brushing through the new curls she has made with tender

care. “I know…”

Hannah breathes a laugh into my suit. “You’re not supposed to agree with me, you idiot!”

she snorts but soon grows quiet. A thoughtful expression crosses her features. “I missed

taking birth control today… and when I realized that, I was thinking…”

“Mhm?” I have no clue where this conversation will lead. Women are mysterious creatures,

but I’ve learned that smiling and humming get you far-at least then, they don’t get mad.

“Do you want children?”

This conversation isn’t what I expected, but I suppose it’s good to have it sooner rather than


“I want plenty of kids…” it’s the truth. “A lively house would be the dream, and since I’m so

close with my brothers, I think it’s important that my children have siblings too for support

and friendship.”

“I want many kids too, I think… like I feel like I say that now, but I might change my mind.

after hearing my first one screaming.”

I chuckle. “I doubt that, but yeah… perhaps two is enough?”

“Mhm…” she freezes and looks up at me. “Wait, why aren’t you freaked out discussing this

topic with me?”

I laugh at that. Hannah is such a weirdo. I love her, but sometimes her expectations are

weird.” Why should I be freaked out?”

“Because we haven’t dated that long… and men… well… don’t they usually freak out over

these conversations?”

“An asshole would, but I like to think I’m not an asshole.”

She grimaces. “I’m sorry…”

“Are you really worried about this?”

She nods, and I feel bad the longer I watch her.

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Worry is written all over her features. There is even a shine in her eye that hints at her

being close to tears. Damn it. I’m unsure what Hannah wants from me, but I have a feeling I

should. just come clean.

I don’t want her to look so sad…

“Hannah…” I say in a light tone and set some of her hair behind her ear. “We are already

married I hardly think we should start worrying about doing things too fast now.”

She giggles. “True, but…” her smile falters. “This is different… this is about kids-actual lives,

and I’m… I’m just worried. I want children, but I don’t want to rush into things… then again,

what if I can’t even get pregnant, or if it takes time after quitting birth control?”

Jesus Christ. Do women ever stop worrying? Hannah’s brain is thinking about a thousand

things at once, and I’m just at a loss. What does she want me to say? Think-think-think!

“If you want to quit taking birth control, then do it. I want children now, but I can also wait

for them.”

“What if I became pregnant tomorrow?” Hannah asks in a low tone and studies my face as if

searching for something. “Would you be… unhappy? Or would you be angry that it


too soon?”

I’m trying to figure out her train of thought. I think Hannah is trying to tell me that

sometimes it takes time to get pregnant, but other times, it can happen right away.

And wait, is she worried about it happening right away? I’m unsure of this, but I don’t want

her to look so concerned. It’s silly for her to be concerned since it wouldn’t matter.

I take her hands in mine, squeezing them. “I would be the happiest guy on earth if you


pregnant today. A child would be a blessing, and you would make one hell of a good mother.

You’re already the best wife a man could ever ask for.”

“So you wouldn’t be mad if I got pregnant now?”

“No, I would be happy.”

That seems to be the right answer: Hannah wraps her arms around me and squeezes me

with all her strength. “I love you…” her voice is muffled, and her makeup is all over my suit,

but I don’t care.

I caress her back and smile. “I love you too.” More than she can imagine. I’m falling so fast

for this woman I might need a parachute…